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Thread: socializing a 2 year old german shepherd

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    lol yes he is not a bad looking dog! where abouts are you bernie?

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    melbourne australia


    Im in Victoria, NW area.
    He looks very similar to mine.
    And that ball thing. Here is an example of how it works.
    Yesterday, Bernie with me at vet for yearly C5 vaccination. Out of vets consulting room comes a woman, with a large red pit/staffy mix, it see's bernie and goes off, big time at him. Lunging, yanking the woman owner around, snarling. The vet has to shout to ask the woman to take her dog to the car, then come back to pay.

    What is bernie doing whilst staff is frothing, snarling mess
    nothing, he's staring at his ball

    See, ball obsession, its great.
    Vet who is a behaviourist, then calls us in, and thanks me and god, for ball obesssed GSDs. (She has 2 herself)

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