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Thread: Dominance issue

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    Default Dominance issue

    I have 2 Labs, one is an 11yo spayed female, the other is a 14mo entire male.

    In the past 2 weeks the male has started to 'stand' over my female, as in she is laying in her bed and he will walk over the top of her and stand there.
    I have told him to Stop this behaviour but he keeps doing it.

    Any tips on how to get this out of him please? I can't neuter to try, as I 'show' him in Conformation.

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    I usually let dogs sort it themselves and keep out of it.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    If she's anything like the females i know she'll put him in his place soon enough.

    Mind you if she dosnt it probably means she's not really bothered by it. 11 year old Labs like to sleep and be lazy.....she probabaly thinks he's wasting his time. "Why be all high and mighty when theres lovely snoozing to be done, ya silly young whippa snappa !!"....LOL.

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    I hope she puts him in his place soon. She did it to my other dog (deceased) but doesn't to Magic. He ripped her coat off her yesterday, tore the outside of it to shreds. I was in town when this happened. He is just getting too bossy for his boots little sod lol

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    I have told him to Stop this behaviour but he keeps doing it.
    Whatever you're doing isn't sufficient to put him off. I don't think it has anything to do with dominance - but it would be unacceptable behaviour and you need to deal with it same as any other unacceptable behaviour

    Physically interrupt and stop him from doing it. Say "off" (or whatever word you want to use to let him know if he doesn't stop, you're going to make him) then go get him and drag him away from her and give him something else to do that's incompatible - like a long drop-stay. When you release him - if he tries it again - make him do the drop stay in another room or outside or somewhere he can't see her. If he still persists - I'd be giving him a long stay in a crate so he can't repeat the behaviour.

    And I'd be addings something like a hiss and a squirt nearby with a water pistol - tho that may disturb your female who doesn't deserve it.

    I find with my hound - the quicker I interrupt it the less likely she is to do it again. For her, it's not about dominance - it's about fun. Like sex can be fun. You have to make it not fun. No shouting, no fun games of chase me, just a simple command / warning in a neutral tone of voice and then action to stop the fun.

    If it was a bloke - I'd be chucking icy water in his crotch too - after the first warning. Again the female doesn't deserve this so don't do it if there is a chance she'd be caught in the cross fire.

    And if you really don't want to put him off humping - get him a hump-toy or pillow. And put him on that.

    And there are neuter classes in shows if you want to go that path. If his behaviour is obnoxious and you can't correct it with training - you don't really want to be breeding him do you? But at 14mo - I think he's just having some fun in a manner unacceptable and good consistent training will sort it.

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    I dealt with a similar issue in a thread when I visited my sister and my pup was giving the old dog a hard time.The old dog didn't do alot but was getting stressed. It was bad manners and I did expect my dog to behave better, worked on it and it improved. Today she tried it on another old crabby BC and after 2 warnings came the yelp, very sorry she was. I was not a bit sorry for her she was rude.
    They do need to learn or else they can get hurt.

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    Yes he needs to learn, he is a show dog and trying it out on other males at the show. Basics begin at home. He needs to learn. He sleeps in my bedroom along with Ellie of a night time. A couple of nights ago he was over the top of her and I tapped him on the head with my remote for the tv and said 'Knock it off' I have to teach him to behave with Ellie. He ripped he coat off her while outside yesterday when I was in town. Not On in my books. Ellie is too old for his dominance. I will work on him, he has to learn the basic structure of the household and that is Ellie is the Top Dog, her mum says so lol.

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    Id forget trying to tell a dog what he knows is not true, ( in dog world, that ellie,) an elderly bitch is top dog. She is not.
    Elderly does not equal top dog, in human world or a dogs.

    Manners however and what's ok, not ok, are yours to decide. You are the leader, and need to put a stop to behaviour either with ellie, or the other dogs at training. He's a 14yr old lad strutting around the place overstepping his rank. Treat him accordingly. Young whipper snapper humping fool that he is.

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    I am currently watching this - what a coincidence
    From the video its a 2 male dogs same age - but they have dominance issues - hope it will help

    The Dog Whisperer - S06E03 - Pekaso and Yogi & Smokey - YouTube

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    You just need to make sure that you catch him at the right time when he is doing it and make sure he gets negative re-enforcement immediately. Don't do it afterwards or he might get confused. He does need to learn manners or as one of the posters above me pointed out, he could get in trouble.

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