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Thread: Hand shy dog. Cure?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bernie View Post
    The rottie in her has her going into an upright coma if you touch and smooth the top of her head. I think perhaps it is to do with me reaching for her, as opposed to her butting your hand. She also pushes things over and out the way with her head. She headbutts walls? why? because rotties do sometimes.
    Really? I didn't know that. Do you know why that is? Our Nero has some Rottie in him and he headbutts me all the time. I swear one day he'll break my nose! The mean OH says it's only because my nose is so large that he couldn't miss it even if he tried.

    Having said that sometimes he shys away from my hand too. But I actually think it rather has to do with sudden movements.

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    How is Pohm going with being head shy when she is on lead ?

    You started a thread here on the 24/8/12 about stopping a dog fight and landing on your be h i n d with Pohm also hitting the ground.

    I hope that that area of yours is OK now.

    I was just wondering whether when that all happened - that Pohm didn't get a massive fright and now is not too keen to be coming near you when she is on lead and you are maybe bending towards her. She doesn't trust you not to fall again !

    Just a thought - particularly if she has no problems being head shy at any other time. Time will be the only thing that will sort that one out - oh - and you staying upright of course !!!!!!

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