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Thread: Dogs are doing great - except for anxiety at night

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    Default Dogs are doing great - except for anxiety at night

    Lately I've been off sick and the dogs and I have been hanging out alot - practicing basic obedience, playing with a little agility playset - practicing sitting and staying when people come to the door (a little more difficult).

    The big problem we have is nighttime anxiety when nobody is home. In the day they do fine - kept in the front room of the house with toys/ anxiety wraps/ music for the nervous ones. As soon as it gets dark if we're home late/ or if we go out at night - the problem starts.

    When we get home at night it sounds like the dogs are trapped in a burning building - the same as what we had when we first got them from the pound - it's the same whether they were exercised before we left or not.

    The dogs are given the same toys/ treats as if we leave in the morning. However we get home and there is barking/ howling/ toilet issues. It just ruins a (very rare) night out to come home and have to glove up to clean dog mess and/ or get complaints from people.

    Fortunately we don't go out much at night - when we do we get a dog sitter but sometimes that just isn't possible. Leaving a light on or greater/ lesser access to the house doesn't seem to help. The dogs just seem to be more sensitive to noise at night.

    Any suggestions - apart from desensitisation? The dogs normally sleep in our room at night but leaving them in there wouldn't work because they poop due to anxiety.

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    I am no expert but I would try going out for short periods of time and returning and see if you can lengthen it.

    Also try and make it so they don't really take notice ( usual clues jangling car keys etc) and be very casual when you come back. This helped us when Mags decided to get moany about me leaving. When i stopped making a big deal of being back and just walked in she reacted much more calmly.

    Does TV or music help? Just a thought

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