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Thread: My Dogs Biting Eachother!

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    Hi Guys,

    I have 2 female Maltese x Shih Tzu's, 4 yrs old, Abby & Layla. They are from the same litter so have always lived together and normally get along great! However, recently while walking them, if they see another dog they get really excited wanting to meet, sometimes crying and barking to get to the other dog, then Abby bites Layla on the face/ear (not hard enough to draw blood or for Layla to cry). I'm assuming that Abby is doing it as a dominance thing? Its really embarrassing. Any ideas on how to stop this?

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    Yeah, Lady does it to Roly sometimes as a dominance thing.
    I wouldnt worry

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    My 3 dogs do the same thing as well. Just a weird, dog dominance thing.
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    It's called re-directed aggression
    This is more about cats
    This is dogs
    Aggression in Dogs

    Same principles

    Cappy was a bastard for this - used to latch onto sandy or flash or billie - whoever was close - even grabbed me on ocassion - never hurt me - never drew blood. I got to walking him alone and once I had him calm when other dogs passed I started walking him with others. I also knew it was coming so shortened the lead and spoke to him

    It's basically a hissy fit out of frustration

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    I agree with the other's excitement, domination, hissy fit all in one!!
    I'd turn them around and head in the other direction when the biter starts acting up untill she settles down....give them a treat and try again.
    Are you able to walk them one at a time?

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    Thanks for your replies and thoughts on this. I think its time to do some proper training so my girls know whos boss! Better to get on top of this problem before it gets worse!

    ozeymum - no i havent tried walking them by themself, they have always done everything together, plus now i have to walk them with the pram. recently i've tried walking around streets with minimal dogs and have tried treats to distract them when they see another dog but they are too excited to even acknowledge the treat!

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