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Thread: Dog training in slow motion *yawn*

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    Oh Bernie, how terrible. What a shocking way to raise his daughters, another generation of idiot dog owners.

    My BIL is very hard on his dogs, physically, however he does take them everywhere with him and they get plenty of exercise. However I still don't like the way he disciplines them and he'd kill the spirit of many breeds or individuals.

    My bitches love him, but my two males stay well clear of him, they seem to just be able to tell.

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    That would be awful. And what an idiot for not only teaching his kids that hitting animals is good, but for putting them at such a big risk of being savagely bitten one day!

    I think I can cope with witnessing harsh training methods slightly (very slightly) better than with dogs never getting walked. A life of imprisonment is just too cruel to dwell on for too long. I think it should be classified as animal cruelty too.

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