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    Hello, Im new here and have loved the breed since my mother bought a blenheim cav when I was little, since then our family has always had cavs, now I have my own cav (before him I had a cocker spaniel for 12 years) and love him dearly but he has developed an EXTREEMLY annoying habit I was hoping the good people here could help with.

    Toilet training....grrrrr! When I bought him home as a pup he was 12weeks, I gently crate trained him and he was perfect (a few slips but over all perfect) I was at home with my baby, so home full time and really concerntrated on this for 2 months, he was perfect, as an inside dog with little kids this is really important.

    I went to work, we had a regression - we worked on that and again he was perfect. A few months went by then we went on holidays, I couldnt take him so rather than put him in a kennel I left him with my sister, she has other dogs of whom he has met and played with on several occasions prior to leaving him there for a few weeks. There too he was an inside dog, my sister reported in the seccond week he started peeing/pooping on their bed.

    NOT HAPPY! When I came and bought him home he did it at home too, caught him in the act and bought him back to basics - crating. Ok now he is good inside in the day time but at night poops if not locked up, even with toileting at 3-4 hour intervals.

    this has been going on for a month now and I am getting tired of toileting a dog at 3-4 hour intervals at night. Any suggestions? I have tried the positive reinforcement, rewarding for going in the right place ect.. but tried to leave him free last night and he is still pooping/peeing at night. I tried puting him on the verandah and this still happens (even with light on /off) what do I do, surely I dont have to keep him locked up at night forever. Any hints ideas please!
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    I always have a bit of trouble reading posts that are not broken into paragraphs, so hopefully I haven't missed anything but to me it sounds like everything was 'just' going right and then there was a change in routine; going back to work, going to stay at another house and this has been enough to just upset him so that his toilet training goes backwards, often one of the first things to have a set back with a young puppy as toilet training has completed ingrained.

    I would go right back to basics, stay calm and confident and I'm sure he'll get back on track again.

    I often say with any sort of training it can be two steps forward and one step back.

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    I agree with what MAC said.

    If you don't feel like getting up in the middle of the night - keep him in the crate.

    But when are you feeding him? Maybe make sure he has no food, and maybe no water available after 6:30pm at night? And take him out and make sure he "performs" just before you go to bed eg 10:30pm - 11pm ish at night. This will help him be able to hold on better.

    It's winter in southern Australia and many dogs don't like to get their paws cold and wet in the middle of the night - so prefer to go inside given the opportunity. I find the best cure for this is to carry the dog out into the middle of the cold wet grass and put them down, and give the command word and wait until they go - with the door shut so they can't run straight back into the warm... They learn to perform very quickly if they want to get back inside.

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