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    Default JAFCO dog muzzle

    Hi everyone - before posting this I had a search for any previous muzzle threads but couldn't find any that matched what I was after

    My staffy Buddy used to go to the dog park, off leash for about 2 years until out of the blue he would randomly pick a person (fine with other dogs) to bolt over to and lunge at, snap and back off. When he's in that mode there is absolutely no snapping him out of it - it's all over very quickly - but it gives you (and the victim!) quite a scare as there was absolutely no reason for it! At first I thought it was people in hats, or with backpacks, old people with walking sticks, homeless people - but it can be ANYBODY .. there was no actually bites, just the jump, little snap and then backing off while staring at the person! It could happen one day only and the next no problems. It is all very random. This resulted in no more dog park which meant less dog socialisation (which he absolutely loves!). We haven't been to the dog park for at least a year now, but I'd really like him to start playing with other dogs again.

    I have been looking at muzzles online, at the pet shop etc - I'm not keen on the velcro ones that wrap around the muzzle (and neither would he be!) I've seen the JAFCO muzzle that although isn't attractive at all - it looks like it's not restricting in any way. Has anyone used these muzzles before? And is it easy for the dogs to play with other dogs with it on? Any advice? Experiences?

    Thanks in advance

    Natalie & Buddy

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    shoof make a comfort muzzle, very strong yet flexible. Vets can sometimes order them they get them under the name 'Buster Muzzle' from their suppliers.

    I would be loath to let him off lead at all with that behavior, a muzzle will prevent a snap but not him. He may also decide since they dont react to bash them with the muzzle and I can tell you it hurts. You're in NSW contact K9 Pro about some ideas to get him to stop.

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    I don't know the JAFCO muzzle. My old dog had a Werka muzzle which was slightly modified for in fit for regulation compliance, it's a run of the mill cage muzzle.

    A muzzle is a muzzle as far as I am concerned, bar anti bark muzzles or those muzzles with a smash bar in front that LEO's etc use.
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    I bought Roxy a muzzle from Petstock like the Buster. I found that once it is adjusted it is really easy to put on and off and it is effective.
    It was only about $15.
    I tried several muzzles on Kimba to see what to buy Roxy as their muzzle is very close in size and Roxy is too aggressive to go into public like that. I found the material type ones to be better. The Greyhound cage type ones rubbed too much around her face. If you can go into the pet shop with him they will let you try a few on to see what suits him the best.

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