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Thread: wondering in the dark

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    just the way our house is set out on our property. hard to explain, it's not impossible, but the time and money put into it would be enormous. annd with keeping him inside as the safest/best option, it just wouldnt be worth it. we have 4 seperate driveways, used several times a day, so gates would be really impractical. also, my dog somehow manages to climb a 6 foot stone block retaining wall around our pool, so the chance of him escaping a wire fence is probably high. also, he would just bark all night if he was outside. i guess really im just wanting a simple option such as he magically wont run away or bark anymore, but realistically, that's not going to happen

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    One of my customers has his Bull Arab on just a simple run set outside his factory. Just a long piece of wire on the ground about 30 metres long and lying on the ground pinned at each end. The lead is about 5 metres long and theres nothing he can get tangled up in. His bed, food and water are just at the end of his reach so he cant tip over or tangle up in it. When i first saw it i was a little sceptical of the setup but it really works well and the dog dosnt mind it at all. Maybe somthing like that might be worth a try ?? A hour at a time each night might keep him happy ??

    And it's a simple setup that could be moved around to diffrent spots so he could suss out new smells and things each few days.
    Just a idea

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    thanks! i have something just like this set up, an old flying fox we used as kids, about 20 metres long with his kennel at 1 end. i use this when we go out and he's left at home. which he doesnt mind too much. just when he knows we're home, he flips out if he's left up there

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    he turns into a wolf and nothing i have done will make him come when i call him. he wanders up to 2 kilomteres away
    You could try the techniques outlined in Lesley Nelson's Really Reliable Recall DVD - she trained Afghan hounds to come back when called, so I'm sure your dog could be trained to come when called.
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    You are risking legal trouble - not to mention getting him shot if he nicks off without you. Here in South Australia - dogs are only allowed off lead in designated areas (if they will come when called) or with permission from the owner of private property and farmers do shoot first and ask questions later if they see a big strange dog on their place. They can't really afford not to.

    An "Invisible fence" might work for you. I know people who have complicated property layouts who use these effectively. And they don't even have to switch theirs on any more, the only way their dogs will leave their property is in their car.

    You may also want to consider crate training your dog. If your dog has a nice safe den where good things happen, he might be ok with sleeping in that quietly.

    If you want to train him not to bark when you put him out, you need to put him out, and let him back in or reward him before he starts barking - and gradually increase the time before you reward him for not-barking. And if he does start barking - never ever go to him or give him any attention until he's quiet - might be half a second the first time. So he learns that barking gets him nothing.

    You may also want to consider the "triangle of temptation" which would help with the "barking gets you nothing" lesson, and also help with being tied up and with a long stay.

    Crate Training : The Humane Society of the United States

    and Triangle of Temptation
    The Triangle of Temptation | Steve Courtney Dog Training

    and About Barking
    Why Do Dogs Bark and How Do We Cure It? | Steve Courtney Dog Training

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    Newfsie,i have a GSD who cannot leave me. So dont let that be the reason for not having one. And at the GSD obedience club, aka dogs who are trained and have a strong leader, this is common for the breed.

    to the OP. keep him in at night, and house train him.

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    I know Bernie...we always had GSD's, but there is always the one time, accident can happen....And here they are totally unforgiving on GSD's.........totally

    It only takes one mistake. I know they go the extra mile for my black dogs, so easy to see, they even brought me a flat coated retriever one day, thinking it was Tessa.......And we did find his owner. GSD would have been shot ask questions later. It is because there are a few roaming around from a nearby village, now and then
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    I am going to tell you a story, not a happy one either. For this reason I did not get another dog again for 6 years. I was just gutted by it all.

    I had a small farm. (my ex got it despite the fact I paid for it but we had a very valid reason why myself and my 2 children just got out of there and let him have it).

    Now we got an English Staffy Kimba, (12 months) and A pure Rotti, Ged, (10 months) as pups together. We slept them inside in the laundry porch area at night. They went outside through the day but always seemed to stay close to the house. However one day...they went onto the neighbours paddock. The farmer came to tell me what happened.

    They had brought down a pregnant ewe almost ready to birth. They had killed it. The second one they brought down they took it's ears off. That ewe still lives today with no ears or at least she did 6 years ago. My dogs were very very friendly, not viscious. To me they may have thought it was fun, I don't know.

    I was then asked by the farmer to destroy them and I knew he had every right to ask. I took them to my vet to do this. I went in and helped the vet as it was a weekend and he was alone. Kimba the staffy was first. He gave her the needle but she wouldn't go to sleep. The vet asked me to leave the room as he had to inject her straight into the heart then. next was Ged, my beautiful Ged, 10 months old. He gasped and panted for 20 seconds then he was gone.

    I cried a river I tell you. I just couldn't face having another dog after that. Moral of my story, even if your dog is the most friendly dog to people, they still have their instincts and never can be fully trusted. I learnt this the hard way. I just never imagined my dogs being like this. Ged and Kimba were lick a lots. Sweet, loving, friendly and adorable.

    I have a new pup now and no way will I repeat this mistake.

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    I would either invest in a dog run with a roof or keep him inside and take him out regularly for the toilet. I just couldn't imagine having dogs and no fences, my dogs would have been dead long ago if that was us.

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    A dog on a long lead can get frustrated but if he has a bit of movement then he will be a lot happier. Check out this tie system :- TROLLEY SET FOR DOGS UNDER 38.5KG, KRAMAR, TIE-OUTS, DOG TETHERING, KRAMAR TROLLEY SET FOR DOGS UNDER 38.5KG
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    My husband has shot dogs in with the stock. If mine got out it is a very real concern for mine as well with neighbouring farms.
    We have just used star posts and wire for their dog yard. It is about 6ft high and on purpose it was left wobbly to deter climbing and the wire at the bottom was turned in like an L and the wire covered with dirt and none of my 4 who LOVE digging has ever managed to dig under it. They preferred to try and dig a wine cellar under their garden shed with their beds in there for when we are away. The netting was $300ish per roll and it provided about 30mtrs.
    My yard is huge...about 93mtr circumference and hubby can't remember whether he used 3 or 4 rolls for this . The starr posts were long ones and about $ 7each.

    Yours of course can be any size you wish if you are interested in this method. I can't remember if you own the property you are on but it all can be taken down too.

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