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Thread: HELP NEEDED, Agressive dog to dog training or advice

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    Default HELP NEEDED, Agressive dog to dog training or advice

    Hi All,

    I am new to the forum and the reason i am joining is to seek possible training or advice.

    I have two beautiful American Bulldogs Bella is 3yo and Hector is 6 months old, Both not desexed.

    Tonight Bella attacked Hector and tore his ear, Bella was extremely viscious and would not stop it took 2 men to rip her off him. It happened inside and most likely over food as it was near her bowel. I feed them seperately as they showed agression towards each other whilst feeding when i brought Hector home a few months ago.

    Bella was mauled by a staffy last year and required extensive surgerys, i am wondering if this has something to do with her agression towards Hector. She also showe severe agression to another dog at the park some weeks ago. She has a beautiful personality and is truly a wonderful dog to people but towards other dogs i am quite concerned.

    I am happy to pay for any training or possibly having both dogs desexed if it would help.

    We have a baby on the way and a 6yo so would love to try and sort this problem out as soon as possible. I dont want to give either dog up for adoption but concerned they may kill eachother if i cant solve the problem.

    Details on solutions or dog training service is WEST MELB would be great.



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    I think what you need to do is feed one of the dogs in another room with the door closed till she has finished her meal. I am not a trainer so i can't really help with training. But she clearly needs to build up that trust again with other dogs after she got attacked. I wouldn't have a true how to do this.. Hopefully someone here will reply soon for you.

    You should totally post of pics of them too.
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    I think Nekhbet, Villain and Flirrt are trainers in the Melbourne area that can deal with this kind of problem.

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    I would think the attack on Bella would be a major contributing factor to her attitude to Hector and to other dogs outside your home.

    I agree with Kelpielover. You may want to make sure your dogs are not only separated but they can't see each other while feeding, and then actually put the food bowls away when they're done - so there is no sniffing of Bella's empty bowl by Hector - which would set her off. You may also need to do the same with all other resources. If one dog tries to guard a toy - then put the toy away - neither dog gets it. And if you do have toys out - make sure there are more than one dog can guard. And more than one each. Any growling - put all the fun things away.

    And definitely drop Nekhbet - Julie a line and ask her to help you find a suitable trainer.

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    I agree with Hya ....Go and find some help training. Which area do you live?.....Someone needs to see what is happening. I think it has gone beyond little things to try at home. Desexing does not mean that the problem is over. It might help in part of the problem, but will not just solve it.......

    You can often re-train out of this, but it requires dedication and time. There being small children in the home, makes it more difficult
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    Im with get a trainer in. Desex might be part of your solution. But desexing does not undo history or habits.
    However, having had a trainer in to work on my dogs, i can say, its well worth it.

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    West Melbourne, I'd recommend Trish at FourPaws (Four Paws K9 training - The aim of Four Paws K9 Training is to provide quality obedience training and socialisation for your dog or puppy. We are dog trainers located in Melbourne specialising in puppy preschool and behaviour problems.)

    I have a food reactive/ aggressive bitch. I separate the dogs by feeding in their respective crates. I have crate covers on so can actually drop the sides to block view if needed. It used to be I could not have food at all in the presence of both, but have worked to the point that I can now give treats to one or the other with both in close proximity.

    Regardless, though, i will always separate to feed.

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    Thank you all so much! I am actually feeding the dogs completely seperate, Hector is being fed outside and Bella inside in the laundy. But i have not taken the bowls away and think i may be creating a problem as both dogs are in the house whilst i am getting the bowls ready..

    From everyones information it would be best for my partner to fill one bowl inside whilst i fill Hectors outside this would eliminate any viewing of the food bowls and create less tension.

    Trish has been recommended by a friend also and I will be contacting her immediately, they are both so cherished and i would hate for something to happen to them!

    I will also upload photos so you can see my beautiful babies!

    Please if you have anything else that will help i am all ears this forum is wonderful and giving me back confidence i am doing the right thing.

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    Just spoke with Trish and she was amazing!!!! I am arranging a consult to learn all about the triggers and warning signs. I feel so much relief knowing i can work towards a solution!!! Thanks again everyone!!!my family.jpg

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    That is great. It's so good to see a dog owner with the confidence to tackle these issues. Let us know how you go? It's always interesting to hear a good trainer's view on these complex issues.

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