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Thread: Ecollar Laws

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    The hand held unit is called ": The Cute Dog" AD-100 training dog machine. Wife bought it on Ebay so you may be able to google it.

    How it works :- "pulse under frequency conversion, generating 150dB super ultrasonic and 2800mcd strong white light, which can activate visual and additive activation to dog, cat and other animals, while no effective for people."

    Use :- "...can be used for banishing virulent dog, cat and so on."

    Instructions include :- "Driving the dog: When you meet ferocious dogs, just turn the function change switch to last grade, and aim at the ferocious dogs, and then press the BEAM button, the dog will feel terrified and get away immediately."

    Training tips :- On the basis of traditional training methods , here are some mysterious tips of advanced ultrasonic , which are executed by "cute dog" , such a small machine can offer you twice the result with the half effort."

    There is a whole lot more but you get the idea.
    Nev Allen
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    Thanks Nev
    GageDesign Pet Photography
    Site still in construction so will post link when it's finished.

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    K9 pro are reputable suppliers.

    Your timing needs to be really accurate. To test this, you or have someone, video this with video recorder held close to the clicker or ball point pen:
    have the other person bouncing a tennis ball, the second it hits the floor, you click a ball point pen or clicker. Replay your video and watch your timing. If you are out, dont bother with a E collar, you will be training the wrong behaviours.

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    Have a cane toad issue! My little fellow too overly keen wants to get up close even when on lead. Wondering if what Newsfie said about the stock chasers being deferred would this type of traing device work, and anybody know where I could possibly tap into a reputable trainer Sunny Coast. We do nightly toad patrols of our small yard, but worry incase we miss one of the small buggers!
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