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Thread: Leash Anxiiety, or something...?

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    These threads are read by lots of people who know nothing to very little about training and in my experience if they read something that says "never pick your dog up" written by a "senior member" they may just do that in the wrong situation.
    I hope people don't take what is written on internet forums or anywhere else at face value. There's a context here, and if they don't read the whole thread they won't know it. We can't plan for every contingency and if we tried - we'd repeat ourselves a lot in every post.

    And I'd have to edit/ban every time I found a training suggestion completely inappropriate, instead of letting us all have a discussion about it, and explain why we think something won't work or will do harm or whatever.

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    Hyacinth, people can be incredibly stupid. We all know that. If you have been training dogs for any length of time you will have come across a fair few who need a 2x4 across the side of the head to wake them up.

    I only highlighted this post because even I took it in the wrong context, and yes, a lot of people do read these posts and do follow the advice given.

    I am here because I want to learn more about dogs and there is no better place to find people providing various alternative ways to achieve the same results than on popular dog forums, so if I ask questions it is because I did not understand the angle being talked about. I have 30 years of experience but you never stop learning when it comes to dogs.

    I do not think it would at all be necessary to edit or ban anybody, thats just silly, but as experienced handlers and trainers, some of us professional, we just need to think who we are aiming this advice at and ensure we are adequately clear in the directions we give.
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    I just had a *coffee splurt* moment at the 2x4 comment !! ( which I absolutely agree with by the way )
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