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Thread: Urgent groodle rescue needed toowoomba pound

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    Default Urgent groodle rescue needed toowoomba pound

    Don't know how true this is, as I don't know these people, but a woman had rescued a groodle in a bad siuation, for years, but it was fighting her dog, and she advertised for an urgent home and a woman took the dog.

    She was told she was anxious, that she'd had bad experiences and it was very important to let the dog not feel frightened or cornered or anxious and let her bond slowly, and some complete nob with a small appendage, thought he'd teach her to behave, grabbed her and dragged her, and she of course, went off the deep end and bit him, and the new 'owners' took this poor girl to the Toowoomba pound.

    Is there anyone who can bail her out and give her a little tlc? She was originally on trading post rescue dogs, I think or pet rescue. The woman who originally rescued her sounded horrified at the fighting at her place and now is horrified at what is happened, but she appears not to be willing to face the fighting at her place, again.

    If not in a rush, as a groodle, she should get a fair amount of interest, if someone can settle her a bit. It's all just happened. I can't even be sure of all the facts, as I know no one in the story - but if it is genuine, the dog is now at the pound.

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    If you dont know the facts, then why did you call the person a "complete nob with a small appendage"?

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    if the dog is a surrender to the pound for biting are you sure she's available for rescue or is she due for PTS?

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    Where abouts are you located MenagerieM?

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    I'm at the other end of the world, from Toowoomba, and have a car in mortal trouble, that has wiped me out and still can only be used for emergencies. At present, I'm living without hot water because that packed it in and I had to choose between fixing that and my car, and I need to get the car well enough to do the grain/meat run to feed the animals, so I am stuck. No public transport, no ability to be away.

    Lala If the dog was handed over with that advice, and was clearly cringeing away and showing signs of fear, to grab it and try to force it at all, is going to cause a cornered, fight to save life, response. To have the attitude that he can force anything or anyone to behave mild manneredly and outgoingly, when it is clearly close to terror, is an attitude that could see him in gaol, if he did it to a woman, and is an extremely ignorant and brutish attitude, to any creature.. I will make you... I think I was charitable. Oh I forget, didn't you say you are American/were? It's an expression here... Anyone with extremely ex sportscars, is making up for... anyone who is boastful and big noting themselves, is a figure of fun, here. The more you claim, true or not, the more we roll eyes and laugh at you.

    I don't know anything. I'm in an extremely isolated area and haven't a phone. have tv and radio. I bought a dongle computer, this year and I wish I was in a position to have dealt with this myself, but I'm not.

    I don't know the dog's status, as I only learnt this about 10 minutes, before you. I was hoping someone would know an established rescue person who could go in and find out, and if possible get her out. If she was settled, I'm sure she would have plenty of interest, after all, she's an oodle... There are people who would willingly spend time, to make her happy, it's just that this woman was overwhelmed and frightened and didn't do a proper interview or have a mutual change of mind clause and a trial period, because she was desperate. That is my understanding.
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    This is a bit of a long story and I am in Sydney but I was interested in that groodle and heard about this.. I just called the Toowoomba "Animal Management Facility" (ie, pound where they get killed after three days) and they said they have a few dogs who fit the description of a groodle... they would not go and see if any answered by the name of Jumbles, which I believe is the name of the dog you refer to. I also spoke to the RSPCA at Toowoomba (I think).. a lady by the name of Marie.. and she said if someone could go in and identify this dog, they may be able to select it... can someone PLEASE go in the Toowoomba animal management facility (pound).. this apparently is a lovely animal whose family went to WA and was given to another family to look after.. they have not done the right thing at all. Very sad. Regards

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    Helloo Oodle fan and ,

    I live quite a way away and am unable to get there, but hopefully someone here can help, good luck! Where did you hear of this poor little dog?
    The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
    Mohandas Gandhi

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    Ditto to Cav
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    Site still in construction so will post link when it's finished.

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    Default the Groodle's name is Jumbles and he/she is in the Toowoomba animal managem't shelter

    ..which means he or she will be killed if noone claims her or him within two days... can someone in Queensland please go and save it?

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    The RSPCA in Toowoomba takes on dogs suitible for re-homing if they aren't claimed at the animal management shelter- both my girls ended up that way. Surely a Groodle would be a great candidate for re-homing so I wouldn't stress too much The management shelter is just around the corner from my place but unfortunately there is a limit of only owning two dogs here so I can't help

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