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Thread: A Recue Group enquiry

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    Default A Recue Group enquiry

    I guess you could call it ?

    Well I think they operate the guise of one but I have to say I'm becoming more and more confused....

    Does anyone know of , personaly or by word of mouth , anything really......of a Group operating as Po *u nd-- Ro un .ds ? They are only on Facebook as far as I can see ?

    I wont say much else just now but really do need some information if anyone can help
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    I won't say much either - other than to say - DNT - as in 'Do Not To**h - do a google search and all will be revealed !

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    I googled them and in the first two pages of results, I dont see any revealing to be honest. They look like any other rescue group to me....

    Post some links...

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    I think they are not a rescue group as such but just run a FB page so others know who is out there looking for rescue. Obviously some political infigting (or something like that) as some people seem to dislike what they do - no idea why? I have read that some in rescue don't like them because they 'guilt' people into adopting rescue dogs using emotive phrases in dog descriptions . I read their pages and do see a bit of this but many other rescue groups used these emotive-pulls as well.

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    Thanks guys

    Riley could you maybe PM me please?
    Its in regards to some offers of help ( on our behalf) rather large in reality..... just seems things are all over the shop and some things not above board? Hence needing more info
    Will google as soon as I get in from the kennels.

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    Ah crap.....

    This is a copy and paste from just one quick fly by hit on google ( not long in).....and in all honesty does highlight several of the points I was being made aware of by others. I just didnt want to be guilty of learning/judging through second/third/maybe even fourth hand news , but the worries being presented to me are amongst this one quick search.

    Pet death row shame - Local News - News - General - Blacktown Sun
    You can assess a dog.
    You can adopt a dog.

    You can pay the pound directly.

    You can foster for a rescue group.

    You can save lives.

    They lose dogs.

    They steal dogs.

    They attack rescue groups.

    They do not assess dogs.

    They are not transparent.

    They treat dogs as cargo.

    They rehome aggressive dogs.

    They interfere with genuine rescue.

    They need you.

    You do NOT need them.

    Pound Rounds are not a rescue group. They are an unnecessary third party group that cannot account for the al the money given to them.

    Posted by The Truth, 25/01/2012 9:52:22 AM, on Blacktown Sun

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    The other forum .... says avoid avoid.

    The reasons why are evident on their own face book pages. And I've heard of some trouble with transfer of ownership - ie whose dog is it really?

    Might have to move this thread to "restricted", not that I imagine them getting the lawyers in - it would only backfire.

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    Yes thats what i read too. Unnecessary 3rd party. Would be a real shame if they are actually taking donations that arnt going where they should be.

    I dont really know but it's sounds a little like that KONY 2012 scam. Send me money, send me money !!!!
    Hopefully it's not.

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    ChoppaChop - I did PM you - or I thought that I did !!!!

    The copy and paste - is a very good summary - so good find !

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    Thanks guys ( and Hya )

    Nope Riley ,no PM ?

    But I must say I've become somewhat frustrated in trying to contact/work with this seems they have time to answer posts from a hurting innocent public post offering pledges but cannot find time to answer legit enquiries....*sigh*

    It's sad , really sad.... because in the end it's the poor dogs that have the most to lose

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