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Thread: Japanese Spitz 11 mths rehoming

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    Default Japanese Spitz 11 mths rehoming

    I know of a JS that needs a forever home. She is 11 months old, fully vaccinated and will be desexed prior to rehoming. Her owner just does not have the time to put in with her so she lives in the back yard, alone. Owner has acknowledged this is no life for her and would like to find her a new home where she will get the attention she needs and will love.
    She is living about 20 mins past Melbourne airport in Victoria. She was purchased for $1000 but does not have papers.

    If you are interested please inbox me. thanks

    P.S. I don't want the owner to put an add in the supermarket and just give her to anyone, hence she is moving in with me till I can find the right owner.
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    If the owner can get her desexed before he rehomes her, that will reduce her chances of ending up in a puppy mill substantially.

    It's very rare for a Japanese spitz to need rehoming - usually the breeder will take them back, but that would be a responsible breeder. Is she microchipped? She should also be microchipped before rehoming.

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    Thank Hyacinth, I will ensure she is desexed and change the original post accordingly. Will check about the microchip too, I assume she would be. cheers

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    Forever home found :0)

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