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Thread: Meet Pippa - Needs her own family to love

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    Meet the sweet Pippa.
    Pip is a 6 month old female Bull Arab . She is just too precious for words. I have never been one to agree with trying to emotionaly 'guilt' rehoming a dog , but I just don't have anything really other than loving praise for this young lady.

    Pip is good with other dogs and slotted straight in here with no drama whatsoever.She was not toilet trained at all when we picked her up but is now a good two thirds already well trained in that area. She is also fantastic with children, just loves them in her gentle sweet way . Also very friendly of any new people she meets . Due to her start in life there were many things she had never experienced , walking on lead for example,she is now coming along wonderfully in that area and is quite a pleasure to walk . Food was another , but she is now on a mixed BARF diet and has finally worked out that chicken wings,drum sticks/necks/frames are GOOD! lol

    She had an incredibly very high worm burden requiring a vet visit after complications and becoming quite ill, but is happily now back to her thriving self. She was also absolutely covered in fleas, Capstar and some Malaseb treatment fixed that right up. She still does however have some Malaseb sprayed between her toes to totally clean up any fungal issues ( another result of the way she was kept previously)

    She is an incredibly gentle soul and will require someone prepared to put the time in with her,helping her blossom some more , sometimes it is almost as if she just cannot believe that humans can be so loving and good.... she has opened up with us but we expect her to revert a little in her new home. She may not and that would be excellent but we would still love to see someone with quite a bit of time for her first week or two at home. Her training will need to continue of course .Her adoption fee is $150 We are going to be a tad fussier with this girl as she is just such a sweet,gentle soul , so very much a lover and not a fighter. Also,please,no hunters need apply for her . We have many photos of Pip and will endeavor to get them all up over the next day or two.

    A copy of our Adoption Agreement can be emailed or posted on request and we encourage you to inquire after her further. This young lass very much deserves a loving family to call her own .

    Link to her photo album on OzBullRescue Facebook ;

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