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Thread: Helping Stray Dogs

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    My love affair with the Pug began when I was a child of 7 or 8 when a little snorting, snuffling, sneezing fawn female Pug wandered up to our doorstep and refused to leave. Mum, being the softy she was, eventually let her inside when after a full day she was still on the doorstep.

    We never found her owners and she was obviously well cared for before she became lost. We named her Rosie.

    Several months later, at school, a filthy, flea ridden and bedraggled male Pug wandered into the playground. I gave him my lunch and locked him in the toilets until it was home time.

    He was so filthy and flea ridden that when I bought him home mum immediately told me I had to bath him. The water turned red from the fleas!

    We named him Roscoe.
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    Wow! a pug both times...

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    Well, I adopted Taya from a shelter - she was almost 5 years old then.

    Once mum was driving me to the stables where i worked voluntarily. There was a pony grazing on the side of the road so we stopped and I knocked on the door of the house across from where it was and luckily it was their pony!

    A little while ago I was out walking and found a mastiff x wandering around the park. She spent the night at my house and was picked up in the morning by people who were house-sitting. When the owner returned from her holiday she called to thank me for looking after her dog. That was nice

    Recently while walking I came across a staffy with no collar. I had Taya's lead on her to take her to the vet when two boys said it was their dog who had escaped - lucky she hadn't been hit by a car, she had absolutely no sense at all. But very friendly and cute!

    A few years ago Tash and I were walking when a dog was hit by a car. She stayed with the dog while I ran 50m down the road to the vet. The vet nurse was just locking up so she came in her car and we took the dog into the surgery. Unfortunately she died of shock

    And another time found a golden retriever wandering around...

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    I have found a few.

    I was outside when an old golden retriever wandered up to me. He was quite fat so I knew he had an owner.
    His collar was really sandy so I decided to take him down to the beach to see if his owners were there. I had no luck after spending about 2 hours searching I took him home and fed him. I called the pound and they said they would be round IN A DAY OR 2! (our pound is terrible!)
    At the time we owned a very dog agressive Bull terrier x and it was driving him nuts. I seriously considered letting the dog go to find his own way home. 2 days I was expected to care for it, with no where to put him.

    My neighbour saw him and came over and asked about him and I told them the story. She had a yard that was Great Dane Proof (her dog had recently passed away) and said she would care for him.

    2 days later the pound picked him up. I know he was taken home as one day when I came home he was sitting on my doorstep! I just shooed him away.

    i was driving and came down a hill and nearly hit 2 dogs curled up asleep in the middle of the road.
    No collars so I went door knocking. No one knew them.
    It was too late for the vets so I took them home. My brother was renting the house next door (the great Dane one) so just put them in there. I picked them up Friday night and the ranger came on Monday. They were both gorgeous dogs.

    The last one was a Cat. I found him curled up sleeping on the kids trampoline. He was so friendly. I took him to the vets to be scanned and if nothing came up I was going to keep him if the owner wasn't found. An address came up 2 streets over. I knocked on the door and the lady didn't even realise he was missing. 'Oh he goes walkabouts sometimes' He was hanging around 4 days before I took him in, I was hoping he would wander back home. How long is it before you realise you pet is missing?
    Heres a pic-
    His name was paprika...
    All the animals I found the owners didnt seem to care. I would be distraught if Kimba was missing. I would have kept any of these animals.

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    Awwww boxerMum, The shih-tzus sound so cute, and im sure they appreciated being saved

    Magdelena, Im sure they dog was fine and some other nice person took him in.

    Anne, Pugs...twice! what are the chances? well they are incredibly cute...sept when they snore...

    Loren, im sure Taya was happy to be adopted by you and the pony sounded very cute

    and lastly, Sharoo, Those cats and dogs were lucky you were there knowing what to do and all.
    but some people can be so silly not realizing their pet is missing...if Marshy was missing, you would know right away.

    Sorry for the late reply you guys i havnt been on coz of homework and what not.
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    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."

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    We actually found my Kelpie Lady running along a highway.
    We pulled the car over and called her over, she jumped straight in.
    She had an old leather collar on that was very tight on her neck and surprisingly overweight, for a kelpie anyway.
    We called the council and the RSPCA and they said she would stay at the pound, and if no one clamied her in 3 weeks, she would go up to be rescued.
    Now being a 1 year old hyper, un-nuetered kelpie, no microchip, wasnt registered, seemed like the result of a BYB, wasnt very dog social and everytime you picked up a stick, broom, mop, anything like that she would cower, she wasnt exactly a dog many people would chose.
    We left her there for another week and no one even showed interest in her, didnt get anyone ask about her.
    But I did, being still at home when we found her, I didnt get to make the decision but mum gave in and we brought her home.
    She is now micro-chipped, nuetered, registered and incredibly intelligent, loves playing with dogs, and doesnt cower as much with stick tpe things and fantastic with sheep.
    She's a perfect dog for me, I love her energy, she could run for days and being 7 yo, she still has the energy of a pup.

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    awwww thats a really cute story
    it sounds like she really enjoys home.
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."

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    On Friday I took Kimba for a run on the beach and a lady came and asked me if I had seen her dog. there were no dogs around and I told her i'd keep an eye out for him.
    On the way home I saw a labrador running down the main street with a brown kelpie that had a rope attached to its collar.
    I pulled over and they bothe happily jumped in the car.I called the lady who was happy to have her Lab 'Buster' back however she hadn't seen the kelpie before.
    I took her into the vets to see if she had a chip and there was no answer at the owners house.
    The vet wasn't able to give me the address but I asked her if the dog was local or not. If it wasn't i could drive away and look at building sites. She was a local and I told her I would take her home and the owner can pick her up when they could.
    I stopped at the sero on the way home and just asked my friend working there if he knew anyone with a brown kelpie.
    He came out and said "yes thats Molly" she lives 2 doors down from me.
    He finnished work in an hour so tied her up out the back and would take her home.

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    When I was 10 my brother and I found a litter of kittens which would have only been a day old.
    We searched everywhere for the mother and even hid behind the fence for aaaages to see if the mother would come back to feed them.
    After around an hour, it was getting cold and dark so we got a box and towels and popped them in and took them over to the cat lady in the street who had 20 cats LOL

    She said she would try and save them, but they all died 2 days later

    I used to have a dog that constantly escaped. I had a tag on him with my phone number and address, so no-one even needed to take him to the vet to get him scanned.
    Everyday someone would phone me to say they had the little bugger LOL
    After I paid $1600 for a new fence, a neighbour stole him. She had babysat him when I went away and didn't want to give him back, but I never thought she would come over to my house while I was getting the kids from school and steal him from my yard!!!

    The police wouldn't get involved

    I got so emotionally distraught I could no longer live in the street and moved out 3 months later.
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    Well, I was a "dog collector" all my life Change that to "animal collector". So many times my mum went berserk, cause I'd bring home just anything. If we, kids would found kittens, everybody would take pretty ones and I'd bring home "ugglies", meaning sick or injured.
    My current dogs are off the street too. Ira was found on a rubbish dump with 9 pups (!!!),

    as I wasn't ready for another dog because I was still grieving for my last one I went there every day and fed her. Contacted animal protection, put ads in the paper and placed them in nice homes. She was still there by herself and I just fell in love with her and she definetelly became very attached to me, so I took her home and she stayed.
    She was very traumatised, her hind legs full of scars, she was scared of loud voices, hated men and growled at my mum. She's a completelly different dog these days, great guard dog, great with my two nieces and kids in general, great with other dogs. She's great dog all together and shame on the bastard who treated her the way he did and dumped her.
    The other one I took home "just over the weekend". It was meant to be temporary home, actually, I was supposed to mind him over the weekend, but fell in love with him within first half an hour, Ira accepted him straight away and decided to keep him. He had his little front leg broken and was the most gorgeous little thing in the world!

    Later I found out how naughty he actually was, meaning he demolished half of my flat, but that's behind us now , we are behaving hahaha
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