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Thread: Kai Needs a New Home - Owner Passed Away

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    Default Kai Needs a New Home - Owner Passed Away

    Hi All,

    So when I rescued Cookie (see my thread here I also rescued 2 other dogs off the same property. A large Rotti who went to his forever home the same day and is a happy little munchkin (I got a piccy of him wearing a birthday hat at his new sister's 3rd birthday party, he looked stoked). There was also a Ridgeback x (Shepherd I think) that came back to Brisbane. I thought Kai (Ridgie X) had a forever home, but unfortunately the house he is in does not have adequate fencing to keep him in (it is older wooden fencing, on a rental property, she has tried reinforcing but he keeps finding ways out) and I think he is a bit lonely there as she is single and works full time, plus he is an outside only dog (but has a doggy friend). With this in mind I have chatted to the lady and we have decided it is in his best interests to go to a home which can provide him with more inside time, more time at home with him and better fencing for his safety.

    So Kai is now on Pet Rescue looking for a new home.

    Kai's profile at PetRescue - is he your new best friend?

    Please share this around and if you know of anyone interested please tell them to contact me.

    Thanks all.

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    Hope he finds his forever home soon.....
    Pets are forever

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