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Thread: Japanese Spitz Rescue/ Rehoming

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    Smile Japanese Spitz Rescue/ Rehoming


    We are looking for a Japanese Spitz to offer a loving home to.

    We are looking for a JS up to around 1 year of age (as we have a young toddler who we would like to grow up with the dog).

    We are also looking for recommendations for reputable JS breeders as we will get a puppy if we cannot find our forever doggy by offering re-homing. We are in NSW.

    Many thanks in advance

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    I've never heard of a Japanese Spitz needing rehoming. The number of people who want one way excceeds supply.

    If you really want one, I suggest you contact the kennel club in your state and ask them when JS are having shows and meet the show people and breeders and have discussions with them about where to get one.

    And should you need to rehome your JS when you get one - I'm sure most of the breeders would take their puppy/dog back and find it a new home for you. Ie if any JS do need rehoming - the breeders would know and probably have lists of people who want them.

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    There was a georgeous JP that was at renbury farm a couple of weeks ago but it has already been adopted.

    I would look at breeders that may have ex showies/breeders that are a little older and prices are USUALLY discounted.

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    I did find a few on that were rehomed. You can use Google advanced search to search the site for a specific breed. But currently none available for adoption and you probably have to be quick when one does become available.

    ETA: come to think of it, if they are surrendered, they probably are more likely to get adopted before they get rescued from the pound or RSPCA. So just keep checking the impounded dogs in our area too. I know our local pound has an online service where you can register your interest in a certain breed and they email you when one comes in. You could check if yours has too?

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    Good luck with your search

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    I've had two, one from Renbury, one from Blacktown. Both older. The young ones don't often need rescue. Gorgeous dogs, would have one as a guest again in a heartbeat.

    There is a breeder rehome listed, 6yrs female desexed in VIC. Not what you're looking for exactly.

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    Hi again everyone - thank you for your input

    The reasons why I asked about re-homing is because there have been a couple recently.

    The first was an 8 month old but was not vaccinated and I was concerned about health/temperment and also inability to meet doggy before accepting rehoming (due to distance)

    The second was a 1 yo female which was rehomed yesterday. I missed out by 1 hour! So - they are out there for re-homing and I will keep my eyes and ears out.

    We would love a JS but just cannot afford the $1,200 to $1,500 price tag and would love to offer one a forever home if the opportunity arises

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    JS at the moment are not found too often in rescue thank goodness just keep an eye out though.

    I exhibit JS so could give you some breeder suggestions. But as you said....they do come in that price range but send me a PM and I can give you some links. Also you would be more than welcome to meet our packs

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    Hello, I will be getting a JS soon around December. I am getting him from a very trustworthy reputable breeder called: Tim Earl. Also known as Kouzoku Puppies.
    Tim Earl
    Ph: 02 4774 8824 Mobile: 04 0521 5044
    However, he is not located at Bringelly any longer, as he is moving to another location in NSW. Good luck!

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    I know of a JS that needs a forever home. She is 11 months old, fully vaccinated and not desexed. Her owner just does not have the time to put in with her so she lives in the back yard. To his credit he acknowledges this and would like to find her a new home where she will get the attention she needs and will love. She is living in Sunbury Vic. She was purchased for $1000 but does not have papers. If you are interested please inbox me. thanks

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