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Thread: Temperament Testing - Breed Differences?

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    An example off the top of my head is doing something like a guided sit. A sighthound who hasn't grown up being taught to sit can find it very difficult - it relates to thir body structure. They will often stringently resist being pushed into a sit - they just have no concept of it. They stand or lie.

    Someone doing generalised temp tests without allowing for breed differences can mark dogs down seriously for something like this.

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    Hi Natty

    I agree 100% breed differences is concerning in temp testing

    I am doing a training seminar over the weekend. Part of it covers temp testing and aggression, i am really looking forward to it and will be asking 1000 questions!

    I think i will take Sasha


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    Quote Originally Posted by Nattylou View Post
    I know a few on here are experienced in rescue. Just wondering what value people place on intitial temperament testing, especially in a pound environment?

    Am curious as I have recently taken on a Greyhound (not Onyx as in my other post - another boy) who was not tested favourably whilst in the pound. He was very aloof, disinterested in people in general, and showed a high prey drive. I am aware that these are traits that sound a death knell for many Greyhounds.

    To me, as a sighthound person, these are very normal behaviours. Especially in a strange environment, with strangers around.

    Do many rescuers take into account breed peculiarities when testing temperaments pre-rescue? Or are tests generalised for all dogs?

    BTW - after almost a week of being the same at home, this boy has popped out of his shell - like someone switching on a light he is now a bouncy boofhead who won't leave anyone alone for a second!
    I will often forgive certain lapses in temp when testing our breed in a rescue situation .
    A pound enviroment will upset the most outgoing,confident dog and almost destroy a less confident,timid type dog.
    The only thing I will never overlook is any questionable behaviour towards a person . But we will look past dog aggression and try to guage how badly it may impact on their life .
    This is why I love Fosterers
    I think they need much more acclaim then they are ever given. They are the ones who take on a perhaps already questionable dog and be prepared for whatever may come but still remain objectionable.If the dog begins to show undesirable traits once it starts settling in and becomes confident then we will deal with accordingly.

    I dont believe any dog can be reliably tested in a pound enviroment
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