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    I've posted a longer post on a gsd board I am on but I am pulling out of rescue. I have been scaling down what I do but I am the point where I just dont want to do it anymore for various reasons.

    I am still there to help ppl who need help but I am going to be doing a lot more referring to other groups etc.

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    It's better to pull out than get too swamped or keeping on when you really don't want to be.... Referrals are a HUGE part of it. And sharing your networks with others will be just as helpful for others, especially for new people.

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    Congratulations on many years of rescue Occy

    14 years is a long time in exhausting and distressing work with very little support other than fellow rescuers and compasionate people.

    It is time for you now which is very exciting. A new chapter

    I am so happy (for you) that you have been able to make the decision to let go, and hope i am able to do the same one day....

    Onwards and upwards....


    "There is enough love and concern for animals in every community to overcome the irresposibility of the few"
    Nathan Winograd.

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    Give yourself a pat on the back for the years of work you have done and all the doggy lives you saved

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    How's the 'pulling out' going Occy... have your really stopped or have you found that it hasn't quite happened as you planned yet?
    A pessimist sees the glass as half empty;
    An optimist sees the glass as half full;
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