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Thread: Rescuing a Blind Dog

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    Default Rescuing a Blind Dog

    I came across an add for a blind Chi free to good home and I think she would be good for Miley.
    Miley is constantly trying to mother the guniea pigs which can't run around outside or I will lose them and it's heart breaking seeing her try to snuggle up to the cat and the cat flipping her tail and snobbing her off
    She follows me everywhere but I can't take her to Uni with me.

    My heart breaks for this poor chi too who is disabled. I'm not very Chi savvy though so would like some information on their temperaments etc
    Some ideas as to what I should expect would be appreciated.
    She's apparently house trained which is a bonus.

    Do Chi's shed much?


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    I got no idea if chi's shed. I imagine they do, but it would be in proportion to their size and coat length - ie probably not as much as my dog is shedding right now with change of season.

    I know a few people who have blind dogs. Mostly from puppy mills - and they didn't figure out the puppy was blind until after the family was emotionally attached. Apparently they are quite good at finding their way around the house (by smell?). And they do well on walks if the owner has something about them that makes noise eg those ankle bells that indian ladies sometimes wear. Or Morris dancers.

    They like Frosty because her collar makes a lot of noise...

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    How old Pugger? Do you know why they're getting rid of her?

    Chi's shed as much as 'the average dog'.
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    She was re-homed thank goodness.
    She's a year old and I believe they were re-homing because of her blindness *shrugs*

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    I have expereinced with several blind rescues Pugger. Will post again later though, in a rush.

    Edited as I have now had time to read and I can see she has already been re-homed anyway.
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