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Thread: Simply Gorgeous Young Stafford Girl.

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    Default Simply Gorgeous Young Stafford Girl.

    ok,at the moment this is not a certain.
    I have made the owners swear though that they would hand her to me before doing anything silly with her. Her name is Soxy and she belongs to my neighbours who moved to the other side of town going on 4 days ago. They asked me to keep an eye on her as it was meant to be only the one night and they know that when I have left overs here they go over to Sox. She really is the most sweetest dog,I just adore her.

    She has not been socialised though and really needs some obedience training.Just some basic stuff. She has gotten through to our dogs 3 times now and we found all 3 playing happily.In fact the second time she followed Lop down the hall,jumped on the bed,woke up hubby and took off out the back again I had my back to them doing dishes at the sink and she just sounded like Tonk so I didnt think twice about it until she went bounding back through , mmmmm that didnt sound like Tonk lol.

    She is desexed,finaly,after her uterous prolapsed again on her second heat. I have been told shes up to date with needles but cant be certain of the truth of that. She is brilliant with kids but dont know what she'd be like with pocket pets as she's never met any.

    I will upload some pics of the sweety shortly.
    She truley is a gorgeous dog this one and deserves a home that adores her as much as she adore people.

    oh edit to add that its because the neighbours new house needs the fence heightening......cant see that happening anytime soon though
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    ok,here are a few pics.Sorry they arnt great,its near ruddy impossible to get that bum to stop wriggling
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    she looks like a beautiful girl, have her owners still not come back for her, poor thing i could never do that to one of my fur babies

    when i was a kid our neighbour moved and asked us to mind their dog till they got settled in, lol they never came back.

    i remember it used to be really food aggressive to our other dog and would growl at us, mum got to the point where she was scared for our safety cos it was a large ish red healer and could hurt me or my brother,

    it went to live with my aunty on her farm and was happy there.

    as it turned out mum let me get a puppy cos i missed that dog and that dog was tessa, 15 years later still got her and dont no what i would do without her.

    geez went off track havnt thaught bout that in years.

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    Hi Tessa, no as yet they have not returned for her. They have been back for other things,but still no fence done and poor Sox still here.
    Actualy Sox is in my backyard at this moment,she had dug a wombat hole through last night and was in playing with ours (again) this morning when we do first piddle break.

    So far they have not turned up today and Sox is still out the back.I've let Tonk out to play with her again for awhile but just cant bring myself to let Lop out there as well with only me here. I'm pretty sure if anything happened I could seperate them easily but with little miss LopCows attitude recently ,I will wait until hubby is home from work.

    Its the inside tonight that is going to be the tester.
    I have thought of crating Lop but then feel that will lead to jealousy issues which dont seem to be there at the moment. But I cant crate Sox for the night as she has never seen a crate let alone be crate trained.
    Tonka is only trained for a few hours,not overnight.

    I feel so much for this little girl.....its sad and it sux .
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    Just letting people know that she is currently inside with ours. So far so good *touches wood madly*

    She is the absolute epitome of the ruddy energiser bunny but is slowly settling.Quite treat orientated, she learnt rather quickly no sitty no treaty lol
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    Some sad news.
    The current owners,who I have not seen nor heard from in nearly a week now had someone come and collect Sox from the neighbours old yard this afternoon. I would put her back over after lunch to give all 3 a nap break so to speak......well at around 3.30 ( according to sources) they had someone come and walk her over to their new place where she will be placed on a chain

    I havn't completely given up hope as I think they will find that she will not tolerate the new life quietly and that they will still come back to me for help.

    Sorry to the couple of lovely people who have enquired after her forever home...we shall now just have to wait and see.I have also alerted the local ACO who is a gem in this with me and the org in case they bypass me and go straight to dumping her.
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    poor sox,

    i hope for her sake that she finds you again

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    do u still have soxy

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    Soxy passed away sadly. There is a thread in memorial about her.

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