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Thread: New Charity - Opinions Needed!

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    Lightbulb New Charity - Opinions Needed!

    This is my first post, but I would really appreciate some advice. We work with a charity based in Spain, that saves dogs, mainly podencos and galgos, from the killing stations. These killing stations are very basic and consist of a gas chamber like in Nazi Germany.

    Anyway, we have just created a website for the cause and would really appreciate your feedback. The site is Help Dogs

    Please let me know your comments and opinions.
    Help us help dogs from the evil killing stations in Spain.

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    OMG, more strength to all of you. How unbelievably shocking. Let's try to get your website to "go viral" by everyone putting it on their Facebook.

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    Thats exactly what we need! I've added a share button for facebook on the site, so please share with all your friends!

    Thanks again,
    Nick and the team at
    Help us help dogs from the evil killing stations in Spain.

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