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    Default Blaze Needs a Home

    Hi everyone,

    I recently took in the brother to my shepherd rotty mixes, Rusty and Shylar.

    Even though he is a lovely dog, he is just not fitting in here with my others and after three weeks settling in, I am not hopeful. I agreed to trial him as his first owners were going to surrender him to a shelter.

    He is approx. nine months old, not desexed or microchipped. He has had basic puppy shots and I have wormed and heartwormed him.

    He is quite energetic and needs a bit more help learning not to jump, whine and bark when he wants attention. He has learnt good food manners and how to walk on the lead, sit, etc.

    He is very confident with other dogs and as he isn't content to slot in down the bottom of my gang, he would do well with a different environment. He has a ways to go before he is totally trustworthy with cats.

    Here is a picture of him. I feel awful adding to the burden out there and if I can take/swap for a suitable dog in return, I am open to that option.

    PM me for more info. I am located in South West Sydney.


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    Good on you for taking on the dogs. I would suggest you do some basic work with the dog before you attempt to rehome him, as it will make it that much easier for his next owners, especially if he is not great with cats and overly confident with dogs.

    Also, desex him before advertising him anywhere.

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    Hi Sierra,

    thanks for your suggestions and support. Still putting in 100% effort into Blaze while he is here. It's not so much that he is going to be a problem dog for somebody else, just that a lot of dogs don't handle coming into a home with lots of other dogs and they will respond by either being overly anxious or trying to find a spot too high up. Blaze is just an ambitious fella who's aiming too high in this pack, lol.

    And yes, he should've been desexed and microchipped months ago by his first owners - I need to look at my costs though and how much longer I can keep Blaze before he disrupts the dynamics of my guys. I don't have any seperate area to keep him and I have to make the dynamic of my existing dogs a priority.

    That's what makes it so frustrating that his first owners dropped the ball with him, as he is a lovely dog, very affectionate and willing to please. He deserves to be in the right home and I'll do my best. I have so much admiration for people who rescue and foster all the time. I would be okay to do it if I had seperate facilities for the extra dogs, but I wouldn't want to keep bringing newbies into my dogs' space.



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    Hey guys,

    a quick update on Blaze -

    after spending most of the day talking to a bunch of amazing and helpful private rescue folk via phone and email, the deal is that before they can advertise, foster or rehome him, he needs to be microchipped and desexed.

    I will go ahead and book him in for it - I'd rather pay for it than take him to a shelter, as he is a lovely dog and it would be a shame for him to have to go through that process.

    Fingers and toes crossed that he will come home from the op and heal well so that he can either stay or find a good home elsewhere.

    Any tips that will help me take advantage of his 'altered state' to slot in lower in the pack would be welcome.

    Either way, I am so relieved that he won't have to go to a shelter after all.


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    The world needs more of you Chisa

    How bad are the pack dynamics ?
    Is push coming to shove yet or is it more a grumbling under current?

    Actually perhaps pop a new thread just on this topic up in training
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    Site still in construction so will post link when it's finished.

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    Hey Choppa,

    well the dynamics are shifting - week four and I think Blaze may now think himself a lucky pup as he is settling into the routine.

    Basically, my top dog - Harry (two) the ridgeback mastiff x, is a pretty fair boss - he always diffuses and will not fight, only discipline. Blaze (nine months) was trying on the dominant beahviour with Harry mostly, which meant Harry had a lot more effort to his day and it was unsettling the other dogs, who are all younger than Harry and see him as "da man". My other boss dog Sally, who is a snappy, cranky and unfair boss (she gets away with it cos Harry backs her up, lol), was thankfully not involved. She is only a lil' toy poodle and Blaze is a large shepherd cross!

    Anyway, Harry was deflecting Blaze's challenges, but Blaze was not giving up. My standard poodle, Teddy (nearly one) tends to jump in the middle of Harry and whoever else in this situation and get really excited, which ramps the intensity up even more. By now, Blaze and Teddy are loudly barking, which I cannot afford, with neighbours all around. Blaze's brother and sister, Rusty and Shylar are very closely bonded and invite Blaze to play if he is good, but I don't think Blaze is sure how to play with no challenge behaviour thrown in.

    At the beginning of the week though, Harry turned around and said "right!" to Blaze and he has been jumping on him nicely all week. This has made the difference, along with lots of work from us with Blaze, like teaching sit, down, stop barking and just getting him to focus and listen in general. Oh, and LOTS of exercise, I mean MILES of walking and running.

    So the dynamics were not awful - it was more that my guys were getting unsettled and I was worried it would be permanent. As it turns out, with a lot of hard work and a solid input from the pack, Blaze has turned the corner.

    He IS booked in to lose his crown jewels tomorrow though and I think that may cool his courage that bit more.

    It has been a crazy few weeks going from six to seven dogs, that's for sure, even if Blaze were ultimately to be rehomed elsewhere. I would love to have more room, less neighbours and somewhere seperate that I could put foster dogs, so my pack were not disrupted.

    Not that I always walk all seven at once ( I take four, my daughter has three), but I do get a lot of stares walking down the street and if I have them all in the car with me, I am scared to look at the car next to me when we stop at traffic lights, lol.

    This forum is a brilliant support!

    I will keep you posted........


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    It is not a bad thing to shake a pack up now & again.
    I bring strays & rescues in & out all the time.
    Bubba always stays boss & after the upset to start with it quickly beomes day to day again.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazydog View Post
    It is not a bad thing to shake a pack up now & again.
    I bring strays & rescues in & out all the time.
    Bubba always stays boss & after the upset to start with it quickly beomes day to day again.
    I agree, we flit in and out with rescues, makes for better dogs. And Blaze is a typical eight month old wanna bee

    Good for you for putting in the effort. he is very lucky to know you for you
    Pets are forever

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    Thanks guys -

    very reassuring to hear that you have had similar experiences and that your packs are stable enough to come through - I guess this is what I have learned while watching Blaze and the others. I guess they have better social skills than I gave them credit for! I have always had two or three dogs and cats, horses, birds, etc. but having this many dogs is an education. I am amazed at how complex their social world is and that somehow they see me as their leader! Far out! Dogs are awesome!

    And yes, Blaze is a typical wanna bee, lol!


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