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    Am so pleased!! My OH and I picked up four babies tonight from urgent pound situations. We're temp caring for them until they go into foster homes (we have a safe quarantine pen).

    Such cuties.

    I'll get some pics in the daylight tomorrow morning and post them.....

    yay for puppies!!

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    Good on you and the OH!!
    Cant wait to see puppy pics
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    Here's the big girl - about 5mths. She is just the sweetest, softest little thing...

    And these little Kelpie guys - so very little to be away from mum.
    Only about 7 weeks old.

    Check out this boy's blue eyes! Bet you can guess what his nickname is...?
    Sorry it's s bit blurry, these guys don't stay still at all!

    Little girl - with a big attitude, she's not letting the boys have an inch!

    And "Chocolate" as the kids have christened him - the big softie...

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    Oh Nattylou they are gorgeous

    Congratulations!! You are amazing!!

    I adore the working breeds, the BCx girl is divine...look at her sitting politely for her photo. She adores you! I can see it in her eyes...

    And the bubs...i can smell them! What gorgeous colouring. Gosh you are going to be busy!! My first fosters were two 6 week old babies and a 14 year old shih tzu who was a train wreck.

    I still get updates from their Mum as they were adopted together (they were inseperable) It was the most rewarding and positive experience. I still have the teeth marks in some furniture

    They are such lucky bubs to be safe in your arms!!

    Keep us updated! I love hearing about the antics and milestones

    Nic xx

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    aaawww...Like Billy,I can just about smell the puppy breath from here ! Yum!

    What sweet little characters are those bubs!
    And the older bub looks such a sweety!

    Well done again guys , most certainly look forward to updates
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    Thanks guys. Will keep you posted on their progress - with puppy pics of course!!

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    Oooh they are so gorgeous! I love the kelpie girl. She looks so cute in that pic.
    Yay for foster carers!

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    These guys have been so much fun for the kids to have around, but I'm a little over trying to to step in puppy poo in the doorway all the time!! Little monsters spend their days waiting at the door for someone to come out and give them cuddles...

    Only the two goldies are left already, and both spoken for. They have all found such fantastic homes, so far removed from the seemingly hopeless situation they were al in originally!!

    So we now have space again... I'm sure there'll be someone to fill it very quickly!

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    Soooooooooooooooo Cute !!

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    They are adorable!

    Great to hear they all have new homes

    Well done!

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