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Thread: You're Gonna Wanna See This(especially V&F)

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    Default You're Gonna Wanna See This(especially V&F)

    I've been following this on my American forum, and its so heartwarming, I had to share is with my Australian cyber family.

    This is Miracle, a young Doberman found in a rough city near Chicago, USA.
    He was found by a animal control officer, extremely weak, and it was assumed he was dead. When he first got to the vet, she guessed he would have died within 2 hours.
    He's now in care, and doing well, but has a LONG way to go. For example, he had a breakthrough the other day. He took 5 steps on his own! Ya see, he was(and still is) in the worst way.

    Here are his updates;
    IDR+ | Our Dogs

    A few photos of his journey so far;
    IDR+ | Dogs | Miracle
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    Oh my Myf thats shocking to say the least, poor lil fella. So glad he is doing so well for a dog that was sooooo close to death. These are the dogs you want to take home and cuddle and love, they have been through so much the poor things.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    What an awesome job these folks are doing... And what an amazing story for little Miracle. It makes me so sad and angry to know how many animals worldwide need the generosity of strangers when their families or breeders or whatever don't do the right thing.

    Thanks for sharing, Myf... Good story for any breed, but even better with Dobes in it!!!!

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