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    I'm the rescue co-ordinator for Beagle rescue NSW and am looking for a check list for a basic temperament test that our foster carers could use. Beagles are generally quite a friendly breed but we still need to put them through some sort of test to make sure they are OK to rehome.

    Would welcome any help.


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    Hi Gwenda,

    It wont help you now but Underdogtraining run a temp workshop. They are based in Vic but I'm pretty sure they will be running one this year in NSW. I will be attending the workshop for temp testing when the dates are set.
    Tamara is really dog savvy and they do a lot of work with rescue. Maybe something to consider when they go to N.S.W.

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    I used to do heaps of rescue & avoided any set temperment tests as really I think it takes more than any set 1 of test could show you.
    I have have rehome many dogs that have failed such & such temperment tests.
    I have also been sent dogs that poeple have adopted that past with flying colours but can be down right dangerous.
    I just put dogs into as many different situations on different days to see how they cope.

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    Pretty much word for word with Crazy on this one.

    Although we do tend to try to follow a general test such as the American one ; just remembering that because a dog fails on one point doesn't make it non homable.And just because it does pass a certain set of printed rules does not make it safe to do so.

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    Yes I think 1 failure making a dog unhomable is not ideal at all although I know this is how some do it.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    I'm guessing the dogs would have already had some sort of assesment before being placed into foster care.
    Before dogs go into foster care for the GAP the dogs are temp tested for major issues.
    They then go into foster care with a check list, so to speak, and the foster carer makes heaps of notes..and then passed onto the foster co ordinator.

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    Oh ok so it's more a temperment assesment for new owners than a test to determan whether dogs is homable at all so to say.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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