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Thread: Have Waited All Week and Finally Picking Up My Chloe Girl Tomorrow :)

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    Default Have Waited All Week and Finally Picking Up My Chloe Girl Tomorrow :)

    The 3rd October was one of the hardest days in my life. After 6 wonderful years i sat in the vet's and held my baby while he was put to sleep. RIP my staffy Beau.

    Thinking it wasn't worth owning another dog, because the pain was too bad,
    the emptiness in the house was even harder. So not even a month later I am picking up our new member of the family - who we rescued from the local animal shelter.

    Chloe is a 1 year old Bullmastiff - and we fell in love with her on monday and finally come friday afternoon we bring her home.

    So excited - but also a little anxious as I dont know how to settle her... any ideas on settling a new dog into the home who has spent almost a month in a shelter ..... house training?

    We have four children who are excited too - any ideas to make surethis goes smoothly.

    I have researched bullmastiff's and know they are beautiful gentle dogs .... would love other's ideas on settling this breed.

    We are taking her to obedience training, I know she gets on well with other dogs, but being a large dog understand the importance of training!!!

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    Congratulations on adopting. Obedience training is a must.
    I believe you shouldn't make too much of a fuss. Give the dog time to settle. Not sure how old the children are, if young supervision a must. Just make it a calm environment. The shelter should give you some advice.

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    Hi,I would just like to say that I am sorry to learn about having to put your dog Beau to sleep as we had to put our two year old blue heeler cross to sleep on the 2nd of October.

    Like you we got a rescue dog quite soon and have a different breed a staffy cross who is so gentle as much as a 10 month can be!

    I hope Chloe has settled in well and I know with Dexter when he came home we sort of knew what was right for him.We did take a blanket from the rescue place and that helped him settle.The main thing I found was I was really upset for a couple of days because he is was different from Daisy and I found that hard as I was just starting to cope a bit better without her.It is funny though as we does have some of her ways now he has been with us for two weeks.

    We also take Dexter dog training which also lets him mix with lots of other dogs though he seems to love everyone and every dog!It makes me so angry when I think that the pound he was rescued from puts dogs to sleep after 72 hours.

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    RIP Beau.

    All the best for you and Chloe!
    I love cooking but I love eating even more.

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    we have had 2 rescue dogs in the last year. The first ended up being PTS, and the second is happily by my foot as I type.
    My 2 cents worth- both dogs were on their best behaviour when they first arrived. It was approx 6 to 9 weeks in that problems came up- almost like there was a honeymoon period.
    I would treat the dog they way you will always treat it from the first day. Will it be allowed on the couch? Sleep inside or out? etc etc.
    I would be supervising the children closely for at least the first 3 mths (if you are in the shower the children and dog are seperated etc), and I would be getting the children to feed her with supervision.
    Dog club sounds like a perfect idea.
    Best of luck!

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