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Thread: Going to Be a Fosterer

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    Default Going to Be a Fosterer

    I am looking into Cavalier fostering I am deciding whether to go private or with the Cavalier King Charles association/club of Vic.
    I'll contact them on Monday before I decide for sure though.

    So if any of you come across Cavaliers in need of a foster home, give me a buzz

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    Make sure you post photos...

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    Good on you!

    Why'd you chose a Cavvie over a Pug? Just curious
    Education not Legislation

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    Good luck as a foster carer Pugga

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    Quote Originally Posted by aussiemyf7 View Post
    Good on you!

    Why'd you chose a Cavvie over a Pug? Just curious
    2 reasons.. one is that there is a local pug rescue already, but no Cavalier rescue near me and the other reason is that Miley seems to tolerate her own breed better.
    Ollie doesn't care, a dog is a dog to him, but Miley is a bit more "bitchy" LOL

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