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Thread: 13 Year Old Stafford in Need

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    Wow it's been a busy day here went from 2 dogs to 5 tonight... including Ziggy, she is 13 year old ... he previous owners are having a baby in a few weeks and don't even want to attempt to have Ziggy and the baby at the same time, so she's here until we can find a forever home for her... I also picked up an 8 week old that the owners left at the vets to be pts because they didnt want to pay for medication after their dog bit him... luckily I have a home ready for him... But poor Ziggy will need a special person...

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    OMG, If kaos was ok with other dogs I would have ziggy in a second, poor old girl
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    Great news for Ziggy, she went to her new home tonight on trial at this stage they have two cats and Ziggy hasn't lived with a cat before, but the phone call I got earlier was encouraging, she met the first cat and just ignored it... she also gets to have another stafford as a friend... way to go Ziggy...

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    Fantastic news for Ziggy

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    Yay for Ziggy!

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