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Thread: Looking for a Ridgeback (pure or Cross) to Love and Rescue in VIC

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    Default Looking for a Ridgeback (pure or Cross) to Love and Rescue in VIC

    Hi there,

    My partner and I are looking to adopt another ridgeback or ridgeback cross into the family.. (prefer crossed with something like a mastiff, or lab.. or staffy - but nothing too boisterous like a boxer).

    It may seem a little silly but I want to adopt a dog as a forever home, and we already have a purebred ridgeback. He's a beautiful placid boy, never barks, is desexed - and is not aggressive in anyway. He is fine with other dogs.

    My partner loves him as his big special boy, yet he is around 14 years old, and can't bear going through losing him without having another Doggy to love. Yet, He knows that his boy won't be around forever, and I am hoping to make the experience a little less upsetting for him.

    This is why we decided to put the word out and hopefully someone will read this post that wishes to re-home a ridgeback or ridgeback cross.

    I have to say, ridgebacks are a lovely breed. Gentle and loving, and loyal.

    We have good fences, are home a lot, and a big backyard. There are also lovely parks nearby, that we walk our dog in regularly. My partner is quite active, and would give any dog the loving home they deserve.

    We are both major doggy lovers, and have both owned dogs all our lives.

    We have experience with all sized dogs (maybe with the exception of Danes!).

    Please email us if you have/ or know of any ridgebacks in Victoria available for adoption!

    Look forward to meeting a new addition to our family soon.


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    Here are two:

    Dogz Online - The Pure Breed Dog Community of Australia

    Both in NSW but transport is pretty easy to arrange these days. They are advertised by the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Rescue, who may be able to help you as well.

    Good luck!

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