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Thread: New Foster Parent of a Greyhound

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    Default New Foster Parent of a Greyhound

    Hi I am so excited, We are waiting to hear when we can pick up our new dog to look after.! Any advice

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    Hooray! Lots of hugs for your hound and lots of photos for us.

    Ummm, anything else?

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    Congratulations on becoming a foster parent!!


    Keep him off the beds and lounges afterall he is not yours and habits such as these are much harder to break in his forever home than to establish.

    Walk him daily

    and finally love him as if he is your own AND remember, when the time comes to rehome that of all the 1000's of dogs and cats that are pts every year YOU have made a difference to 1, and if you can then do another foster it will be 2 and so on and so on.

    I have one foster carer who is absolutely BRILLIANT with the dogs I give them. But when rehoming time comes, it's like extracting teeth and this is not good for the dog (as they need their very own home) and certainly not good for the carer as each time we go through "I can't do this anymore" Bottom line is that it is not about us but all about the dog. You have to suck it up and move on (we all have to do this) because for every foster carer we loose due to this "it's too hard" there is another dog pts because of lack of space.....sad but true.

    Personally, I want to keep them allllllllllllllllllllllllllll but (note to self) I am in rescue, I am not a collector!!!

    Very best of luck and ENJOY!!!!!
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    Oh I'm happy to read about another greyhound going into foster care! Greyhounds are wonderful dogs, affectionate, laid back and complete couch potatoes! Good luck keeping them off the sofa lol!!!

    In general they are very clean dogs, just make sure you take them out regularly until the get the hang of it, which in many cases can be just a few days.

    They do feel the cold, so make sure you have a nice warm coat for the cooler weather, mine have them during the day as well unless it's sunny and they want to lie outside sunbathing.

    Not sure where you are, but most states require they have a muzzle on when taken out in public (unless they've passed the GAP test in VIC). Some greys can get overexited when meeting little dogs, but calm down once they are used to them, just be careful with that.

    The organisation you foster for should be providing lots of back up, and will help you with any issues if you have them.

    Good luck! Greys ARE Great!!

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    Good on you
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    Thanks everyone for replies , we aare going to adopt Henry our greyhound he is such a gentle giant ,with a great nature and he has settled in like he has always been here. Greyhounds are the easiest dogs to live with

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    I know
    Here is another new-proud owner of a Grey

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