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Thread: Gsd in need!

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    Default Gsd in need!

    Hi guys, posting this on behalf of my sis....

    Got a phone call from my sister today. Seems her OH found a stray GSD and was bringing it home. She was freaking out as she already has 2 GSD's herself and her OH didnt even know if it was male or female.

    Anyway long story short she (yes it is a girl lol) is laying in their games room at the moment quite content with a full belly after being bathed and groomed, vet checked, having ear treatment, being vaccinated and administered some pain relief. Unfortunately it is looking very likely that this girl is dog aggressive meaning she has been seperated from the other 2 GSD's. She is VERY VERY VERY timid.....when introduced to me she immediately cowered even though she was let into the room when I was already in there sitting cross legged on the floor, facing side on to her.
    She is absolutely tiny with her ribs, hips and backbone sticking out. It has been a long time since I have been reduced to tears due to the look of an animal

    She was scanned for a MC but she doesnt have one

    After spending $150 at the vet today my sister was very prepared to take this girl on.

    Now for the vet news.....

    She is approximately 5 years old. She appears to be a pure bred however we are unsure as she has not breeders tattoo in her ear and isnt chipped. She has unfortunately been bred from some time ago. He checked her ears and she has a severe infection in both ears. He is guessing she has been stray for some months due to her condition. He also stated it is very likely due to some of her wounds that this girl has been mistreated for some time.....which would explain the timidness.

    Now for the sad news.....the vet is almost 100% positive she has mammory cancer. He has explained what that means for my sister if she decides to take this sweet girl on.

    My sister will be contacting the surrounding councils first thing monday morning to find out how she can go about this. She doesnt want her going to the pound as she feels she will be signing her death warrant due to her state and illness.

    The reason for my long post is to ask if anyone knows of someone my sister can contact in rescue?!

    My sister is willing to pay for all the vet care needed eg. x-rays, removal of cancer if viable. She just may not be able to keep this girl due to the aggression however providing the council allow her to stay she is going to let her settle for a few days and is hoping it is only a fear response.

    It is seeming to me that this girl was either used for a litter and then dumped or her owner has become aware of her illness and has dumped her. I hope against hope that I am not right!

    Ultimately this girl may not be may be all about her quality of life until it is her time.

    Any suggestions regarding rescue etc would be greatly appreciated!

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    Oh the poor girl, I hope a good outcome is found for her. Please keep us updated.

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