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Thread: Dog Fostering

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    I believe to foster you need to be dedicated ... you never know what you are going to get... some of them come with many problems, both health and psycological .. giving them up is always hard, but it paves the way for the next one... sometimes the foster dog can stay only a few days and sometime a lot longer (I have one here that will be with me for around 6 months)... your own dogs have to be adaptable, and if you have a cat you need to consider that... as far as costs our fosters are covered by the club the only costs I have are phone calls, food & petrol, which usually get re-imbursed (if I ever ask) I like to walk all my fosters twice a day, however for safety sake mine are in pen's when I'm at work (anything from 3 to 5 hours per day) the rest of the time they are part of the family and even sleep on the bed with me and my dog... I love fostering... atm I have two fosters and Dooee... some of them tug at your heart strings big time and its great to see them settled in their new home...I always have contact with the new owners and also have some say in where they go...

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    Well I got a newsletter from the Dogs Homes of Tasmania this morning, they are starting up a foster program! Good news for Tassie dogs

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    Quote Originally Posted by captainchrissie View Post
    We fostered, and than adopted our greyhound as we couldnt part with him
    we fostered our dog with full intentions of adopting him and told the foster home of our intentions at the start. i wanted to see how our other dog would go first

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