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Thread: Tallulah and Roger

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    Red face First Greyhounds

    Yes, these are the first Greyhounds I have ever owned. I had a cat for 16 years before this, a few terriers and some German Shepherds growing up.

    Tallulah does like to chew softie things including a couple of pillows, but is a sweet, sweet girl who wants to please.

    Roger is a real tease, who doesn't like getting serious and doesn't want to come when he's called if he's having fun.

    And they are such cats! Love to sleep in their beds for hours! Everyone comments on what well-behaved and docile doggies they are.

    I am hooked on them! I think it will always be greyhounds for me from now on!

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    gorgeous new photos!

    thanks for the link for beds

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