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    I was wondering if anyone out there knows where i can get a curly coated retriever puppy. It's now 3 months since losing our beloved liver curly Max. We miss him so and would love to get another.

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    Before you go into buying a Curly Coated Retriever,

    could you please try a rescue shelter to see if they have any puppies in this breed?

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    I have been searching the net on all different websites and the rescue shelters but no luck, can anyone help

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    Found one in Aus!!!

    Tag 30299 – Curly Coat Retriever – Male – 10 years – “Rex” –

    Rex was surrendered to us because his owners were in a rental property that wouldn’t allow pets. He is very intelligent & he is familiar with some basic obedience commands. He has a fairly quiet nature & he is sweet & loving. He enjoys exercise & going for rides in the car. Rex qualifies for our Golden Oldies Program. He would suit a moderately active older household.
    Here is the link: The Australian Animal Protection Society (Keysborough Animal Shelter)

    He is the 10th dog down.

    I know he is 10 years old, but he honestly would be great to have! I would get him if I didn't already have three. But if you are not interested, never mind ..

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    Curly coats would not be frequent in shelters. They are not a numerically high breed in Australia.

    There is an (as yet) unrecognised Australian Curly Coat - the Murray River Cury Coated Retriever - which has been around since the 1800s. Beautiful dogs but again, infrequent in rescue although I have seen them appear in pounds:

    Murray River Curly Coated Retriever - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Raising Maple - A Murray River Curly Coated Retriever: Recent MRCCR meet

    BEAUTIFUL dogs, similar in looks to both a regular Curly Coat and a Water Spaniel. They have these gorgeous green eyes when pups. They are still used as working dogs and the breed is maintained by very dedicated folks.
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    And thought I'd add a couple of pics for those who've never been lucky enough to see a MRCCR :

    From 1893:

    And a modern day shot:


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    hi all

    Thanks so much, I have seen Rex on the net, but he is so far away as we are in Queensland and we do so want a younger dog. As for the Murray Curlies, they are cute but the Curly Coated Retrievers are a bigger dog and as we have had one before they have the best nature and temperament so we have opted to get another.

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    Good luck in your search.

    Just google curly coated retriever breeders in Australia and look for the DOL link.

    Must say though when I was showing in the gun dog ring we did not see many of them. Breeders will send interstate so don't dismiss just because they are in a different state. Make sure you are comfortable with the breeder and they carry out any necessary health testing and screening required for the CCR.

    I worked in very large kennels and we only had one that came in, a regular. Quiet girl, very sweet.

    There are currently two litters on the ground at the moment (thru DOL), other breeders may have litters planned. I would contact more than just the few advertised and see who you are most comfortable with.
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