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Thread: Calling ACT People - APBT Needing Rescue

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    Default Calling ACT People - APBT Needing Rescue

    Me again.

    This girl is in DAS pound in Canberra and desperately needs options. Staff and rescuers can't speak highly enough about her temperament, she just has a heart of gold. Plus she's GORGEOUS!!

    But because of BSL she needs to stay within the ACT where she is safe. Does anyone here know anyone in the ACT that may foster or adopt her??

    Anyone with ideas for her please see details here: or contact me asap. Thanks.
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    I love the third piccie! Lovely looking girl.

    I do have a friend that lives in Canberra and I would be happy to either give them a ring later on or contact them via email to see if they would accept this lovely girl or if they are interested.

    Will post back as soon as I hear from her.

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    She got adopted today!!!

    Am sooooooo relieved!!

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    Excellent news! She is a beautiful girl!

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