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    I just could not put this stunning little keg up. A very strong opinionated girl but still the usual fun loving Staffy attitude to go as well.
    With some firm gentle guidance this honey will be a ripper little dog.
    In later notes she was introduced to another dog again and with some help was playing appropriately by the end of it so not a lost cause .

    Yard 20 'Duchess' Staffy Female possibly desexed Approx 2 Years

    Handed in for rehoming as the owner has a full time job and now does not have the time for her. Hand in sheet says she was getting bored and trying to get out. Says she is good with people but not other dogs. Up to date with vaccinations.

    In the cage she tried to push out of the cage. Jumped on handler and then gate. She is extremely strong on lead.
    In the stand and ignore she was pulling at the end of the lead. Checked in mildly at the end of the test.
    In withdrawal of affection she was so interested in getting the pats and ignored tester. Stood at the end of the lead. Staffy yodelling and barking.
    Was accepting the handling but very distracted. She appears to be desexed as she has a scar on her belly but no tattoo
    In the guide and place she allowed the sit but resisted the drop, she was mouthing at handlers hand when the drop was attempted.
    In the stranger danger she was unfazed and jumped up at them.
    In the kid test she ran at the doll and chased it, wagging tail all the time.
    In the dog to dog with the small she was tense but got down low to meet him. It wasn't a friendly meeting it was tense. With Sascha the Husky she lunged and bared her teeth and growled.
    No interest in the dry food. With the rawhide she didn't guard.
    She likes the ball but not enough to test.
    With the correction on the chain she wasn't really responsive to it.
    She knows sit and down but only if corrected. She is very strong and quite stubborn
    She is reasonably motivated by treats
    She showed no signs of fence jumping.
    She is a stubborn and would need a strong firm owner, such a shame as she is a stunning girl and has obviously not been given the guidance and socialisation she so desperately needs. She did settle a little after the test.

    GageDesign Pet Photography
    Site still in construction so will post link when it's finished.

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    She is stunning.

    Looks like she has a lovely coat too.

    Here's to finding the best home possible and the happy life that will soon be unlocked. She deserves it.

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    aww what a very gorgeous girl.. hope a loving home if found asap...

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    She is an absolute stunner! Hope she finds a forever home soon!

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    She sure is a beauty

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    Whoa, she looks just like a dog I used to know... Same markings and everything. Shes a stunner.

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    Has she made it through today Choppa?

    I'll be in Canberra tomorrow if I can help with a first leg of transport for her.

    If anyone knows someone with space and she is still with us that is...

    ETA - she was help over from today's pts. She should have another week if anyone can think of anything!
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