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Thread: Winding Up

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    Oh Amanda

    I've only just seen this and have to admit I was shocked, saddened and then pretty bluddy pissed !
    The good ole 'Halo Syndrome' runs rampant amongst rescue and its difficult to find the genuine ones at times. Which is one of the reasons its so saddening to see you pack it in , you were one of those genuine ones .

    Whatever you do , try not to allow them to drag you down to thier level . Just remain grounded and positive , you're lovely wonderful self , and say to hell with the bunch of whining glory hunter bags.

    As already said, I'm here anytime you need a shoulder or just a wall to ping things off

    Hugs (((())))
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    I am so sorry to hear this, will I still be able to get help with Seb if I need it

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    Oh no, what a shame. Take care of yourself and things will work out eventually. xxx

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    So sorry to hear this Amanda You do a fantastic job!

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    Here's hoping in ditching the nasty people you make more room for the fantastic people in your life and things get better for you and lots of deserving dogs.

    "Halo Syndrome" - how bizarre - is there no limit to some people's warping of the task at hand.

    Are you going to be back with a new nickname?

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    You know the old saying Hun, give people enough rope and they'll hang themselves

    You know where I stand in all of this so we'll take a collective deep breath and move on in another direction and not associated with what's happening

    Keep smiling and give the furkids a hug for me - will call you later
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