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Thread: Sydney People...HELP!!!!

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    Default Sydney People...HELP!!!!

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    I would contact the pound and ask if the staff know what he is like on the off chance he is a surrender with some history. I'm in QLD so can't help sorry.

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    If you get nobody from that side of Sydney respond Cleas let me know and I may be able to get there (I am on the North side of Sydney).

    I wouldn't be able to take him out for you though because I cannot run the risk with any dog from a pound situation near the puppies.

    I'll check this thread in the morning.

    Have to go now. Got more visitors.

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    Clea in the thread on dol it says he's been adopted so maybe contact pound.

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    Dorte, what about Von - GreysAreGreat? She is at Hawkesbury! If the little fellow has not been adopted, she maybe able to help.

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    aww glad to hear that Tank has been adopted D

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    I posted in the other thread before I read that Tank was adopted! Oh well, no visit to HP for me!

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    Oh Clea, the staffords in Blacktown pound... absolutely heartbreaking...

    There are a bunch listed for pts tomorrow... Poor little guys.

    My Mum always wanted a stafford, I think I'll have to try and talk her into it so I can help save at least one smiley little face....

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    Clea, HP are one of the better pounds in that each of the dogs receive C3 upon ARRIVAL in the pound! I deal with one particular lady there who is always upfront and honest with SPR, if you would like me to call her in the morning about this boy I am happy to do so. Just CALL me in the morn rather than PM me as I don't seem to be able to get to my PC until late evenings these days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleasanta View Post
    I know....I have had a look at Renbury, Hawkesbury and Blacktown...I think my heart is about to break into 100 pieces

    There is a boy at Hawkesbury - PCC 272...I am trying to find out if he is a cross SBT...Amstaff X or what. He is due on Tuesday

    Due, Overdue, Surrendered - Urgent

    Due 9th PCC 272 Rio Staffy male 3 years ON PTS LIST FOR TUES AM
    Rio is quite skinny He also has some healing scrapes on his nose. Rio walked well on lead to the run, he was responsive to any correction given & sat nicely for food. A happy, well manered boy who was friendly with others in their pens. I dont think his life has been great so far I hope he gets a chance at happiness.
    He may just look like a cross because he's so underweight maybe?

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