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Thread: SPR Foster Pictures

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat View Post they look a lot different when they are babies? Unless I am thinking of something totally different...
    Is that just outside or do they have an outdoor enclosure? What a lucky bunch of critters either way.
    They just look like they are all ears when they are babies, not a lot changes as they grow, do you remember Oopa? I put some pics of her up before, you could do a search if you are interested because I don't have those pics on this pc, sorry.

    They are actually in the atrium in those pics. It's in the middle of the house with the pool/games room on one side, the dining room opposite, the kitchen and the bar bordering the other sides. They just love it in there, and so do I. I can watch them getting up to all sorts of antics from the kitchen.

    Your buddy Diesel loves to lay across the sliding glass doors that lead into the atrium....wonder what he is thinging as he lies there lol
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    He's probably thinking about how lucky he is!
    The atrium sounds great for them. Millie has such pretty markings. I think I was getting them confused with Cornish Rexes again.

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    I can't believed I missed this thread.
    Thanks for the photos.. they are all such special little cherubs.

    I need a cat enclosure thingy here for Precious.

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