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Thread: "BIM" in Face of Shuttin' Down

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    Default "BIM" in Face of Shuttin' Down

    You may pass by,
    You may look for excuses,
    But you may stop and help.

    One of the largest wildlife protection funds of Russia ”BIM” is in the face of shutting down.
    We are the fund which is working in different directions and rescuing any animals that are in trouble: bears, monkeys, wolves, foxes, birds, nutrias and of course abandoned cats and dogs.

    We existed without any support of the state, gathering dogs and cats all over Moscow and its suburbs.

    The huge work which was kept during the years is on the edge of collapse. 2,5 thousands of animals in the fund could end up tragically.

    Bears Stepa, Musya, Vatrushka, polar she-wolf Cora, monkeys Hussein and Lavrenty Palych, boas and other inhabitants are on the verge of starvation.

    The crisis sent many companies to the bottom, among them were our sponsors too. We can not leave our animals without feeding and veterinary help. We are forced to apply to all who are not aloof to the wild world. We ask for your attention for we won’t manage it alone. All the rescued animals would die without feed, warmth and other vital things.

    For further information go to our

    Help we need:

    - Medicines and bandages
    - Money for forage, utility bills, staff salary
    - Dogs forage (Trapeza Optimal)
    - Forage for other animals (meat, groats, vegetables and fruit)
    - Building materials
    - Adaptation & rehoming of animals

    We always rescued others, now we need to be rescued.

    For your information:

    Monthly needs of forage:
    - Dry feed 21 tons (Trapeza Optimal)
    - Groats 4 tons (buckwheat, rice)

    We’ve got first aid in money, medicines and feed. But it's not enough.

    All questions can be set on the forum:
    Ôîðóì ÁÔÇÆ "ÁÈÌ" :: Ïðîñìîòð ôîðóìà - for English-speaking people

    The video about the work of veterinaries:
    Âèäåî@Mail.Ru: Ìàðèíà ×àïóðèíà : : Rehoming

    Bears on video:
    YouTube - ?????.wmv

    Here are the requisites:

    Purpose of payment: on the charter purposes, outside the scope of VAT.

    Yandex Money Account: 41001170967539

    dear guys, it's real information. it's not a lie.
    i'm a volunteer of this fund. i just try to send the info everywhere for finding help. may be someone would to help us. i can post news from shelters everyday.
    please don't delete the thread...
    if u have a questions please ask me and i'll answer.
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    today we have been in BIM-Zhulebino.
    we tried to get off snow from a shelter...
    last days was snowfall.
    here some photos from shelter.
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    it's a video from shelter. but only russian sound.
    Âèäåî@Mail.Ru: Ìàðèíà ×àïóðèíà : : âîñêðåñíèê

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