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Thread: Asher is Here

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    Quote Originally Posted by mydogau View Post
    Hey I wish I could take credit for the collar. No I didn't make it. I bought it from this website here, cost me $34 including postage.
    !Personalised Pet - Personalised embroidered pet collars in a variety of colors. !Personalised dog collars
    Thanks for the link - most appreciated. I love them. Will grab one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mydogau View Post
    ......Monday is our first night training. .....
    The training isn't on anymore but found another at South West Rocks which isn't too far away from me. Next Tuesday we are booked in, starting a 5 week basics obedience course. He already knows his sit and down, but I want to see how he behaves amongst other dogs and ppl, which is my biggest reason I wanted to go.

    DA you're welcome Am always happy to share secrets and sites that I find that others might like, too.
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