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Thread: Average Time to Re-home Rescue Dogs?

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    Default Average Time to Re-home Rescue Dogs?

    Just out of curiosity can anyone provide feedback on the approximate time frame it takes to re-home rescue dogs.
    We are working with greyhounds. Some seem to move quicker than others.
    Thanks - Jess

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    Depends on the dogs - over the years I've had fosters that were with me for 2 days, right up to 22 months. (Many different breeds)

    The greys I've had lately have ranged from 4 weeks to 8 months.

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    On average, my Pugs are re-homed within about 8 weeks. I am in no hurry though to re-home them, preferring to ensure I find the pefect match. Whith numbers as they are for Pugs, I also have the luxury of being able to do this. The first two weeks they are assesed and are not available also.
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