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    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed how many dogs are on the Lost Dogs Home website these days. There are about three pages of gorgeous dogs up for adoption. In the past they only ever had about 3 or 4 dogs available at any time. I hope I am not being cynical - but does this suggest that in the past all those poor pups were being put down

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    To my knowledge, many are still being put down. I have read many discussions about LDH and there seems to be a long list of issues there with euth rates and the care given to dogs.
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    As far as I know about 75% of their dogs were PTS dogs in the past, I don't know their current rates...

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    hmmmm I have never known a pei to make it out of the LDH.......perhaps there are never any there in the first place?
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    There probably have been I'm afraid...

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