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    I just wanted to share my story this week.
    I have been helping out with the Greyhounds as most of you know, and I AM MAKING A DIFFERENCE! Yay!
    On Sunday we adopted out a girl named CJ. CJ is special to me because we nearly lost her after complications arose after her desex.

    New owner picked her up from my place on Sunday and was very excited!

    As it was the first time I personally did adoption form and collected money, plus it was CJ - I called the new mum first thing in the morning. No answer... No answer all day....all day...I got worried...Called the mobile number on the adoption form (I knew it was hubbies phone) and asked Hubby how she was going... Hubby abruptly told me he didnt want the dog, didnt approve the dog, not happy about the dog...etc.etc..

    Oh Dear.
    Poor CJ she has now been in 3 homes in 3 days....her foster carers, my place the night before and then her new home....
    Needless to say darling CJ is back with me, we will foster her until her real forever home comes along!

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    Hi Jessie,

    Congratulations on the work you have done so far in relation to helping out Greyhounds .. I admire your commitment and love your passion for them - Awesome!

    It disappoints me to hear that someone would 'collect' CJ and take on the responsibilities of ownership so lightly. I can't really say too much without sounding a bit cranky!

    I'm glad that CJ is in such good hands until a very suitable family is found .. thanks for doing this, I really appreciate and respect what you are doing for her and other pooches who need a lil' help ..

    Kind wishes to you and CJ ..
    SH, Loles n' Zep

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    I can understand your feelings. What I can't understand is how the home was not checked out well, if the hubby didn't want a (or is it this particular) dog?

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