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Thread: RSPCA Animal Rescue

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    My concern is that the RSPCA had already been to the property on earlier occasions, but it was back to the same state of chaos. The cat stayed there I think, because owner said she would treat it.

    There is no doubt she loves her animals, but having 400 goats cost money and a lot of it. She couldn't even look after the ones with long hooves (sp).

    I think the hoarder lady from an earlier episode was just horrendous. Backyard was a pig sty...garbage and crap everywhere...animals in amongst all of it. One thing I do wonder do they keep track of what animals have or haven't been fed.

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    i saw it to

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    I saw the bulldog pup on last night about docking, I find it extordinary that they can legally B&E, take someones pup and use anasthetic on it, why couldnt they just wait and get hold of the owner first then ask about it?
    Not as good for telly IMO.

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    docking is bad now is it

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    Its debateable kassie jones, but they did make it illegal to dock tails for cosmetic reasons a while back. So they were looking for the breeder of the bulldog pup to charge them.

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    Yeah the story with the Bulldog pup was very odd. He did look healthy and happy though.
    I really do think they should have removed all those 'bullied' goats and left her with the healthy ones. That would make a lot more sense. Beside, she said the only reason she had them was too keep the grass down. 400 healthy goats just for that!?

    Beau I though that was so strange as well! Taking the pup and leaving them a letter 'btw, we've taken your dog' and then for the story they concluded with, was it really neccessary? If I came home too see they had taken my dog(s), I would NOT be happy.
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