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Thread: Any Local Recue Place Need Help?

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    Default Any Local Rescue Place Need Help?

    Are there any rescue places even if its a private home that helps lost dogs
    who would consider having me maybe one or two after noons a week to help out? I want to volunteer but I don't want to help at the bigger shelters like RSPCA.

    I'm located in Boronia South East Suburbs of Melbourne. I don't drive but my fiancee does so that wouldn't be a problem but I would love to find somewhere really local as it would mean I can help out for a longer time then without having to worry about getting there and back.

    I am experienced with animals and dogs, am 25 years old, and just have a fair bit of spare time and I want to meet some animal caring people along the way. I can help with cleaning, playing, feeding and whatever generally needs doing around the place.

    Looking for nice and friendly people to get to know and hopefully build some friendships.

    I hope to hear back from someone ^^

    Jess and furbabies
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    When Animal Aid was still at Kilsyth you could have caught a bus there from Boronia. Sadly they were forced to relocate to Coldstream.

    So out your way you have Animal Aid in Killara Rd Coldstream or Blue Cross, Homestead Road, Wonga Park. Both are very worthy organisations who welcome volunteers.

    One of the Save a Dog members lives in Kilsyth but I think their kennels are located in a different area.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks so much Deerhound ^^ yeah I'm really only wanting local as I don't drive so it'd be much easier over all if one was closer cause then it'd save everyone time.

    But thank you for listing those places I'll have to have a looksie but I'm still interested in finding anyone who's keen

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    Nessie, just ring around. I am sure you will find that there are many smaller rescue groups desparetly needing help. Have alook at petrescue site for a list of shelters in your state.

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