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Thread: Having a Visit

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    You're welcome. I had to get one for Mish when Zena died. Poor thing was grieving so badly, there was a good chance I would have lost her within a month if I didn't do something to bring her around. I also used it when both Tara & Spirit came home as 8 week old pups. I sent my plug in holder to a friend for her 2 remaining dogs when she lost her Shep earlier this year & she just had to buy the refill. They were both struggling without their Alpha dog. According to my friend, it brought them around & back to normal within a week, so it's not just me that reckons that it works. I can hook you up if you like & she can send you the plug in holder. That way you'll only have to get the refill. It will be a good saving, because the whole unit is quite pricey. When you've finished with it, you can "on gift" it to someone else who may need it when the time is right.

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    That's what my friend found out as well, so she was happy for me to post the unit to her as a bit of a saving. I'll PM you her details.

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    Awww, I'm in love......She is beautiful! Thank you for posting some pictures so quickly, they were great to see! Glad to hear that Dolly was a gentleman...makes life a lot easier for you. Enjoy....have lots of fun and plenty of cuddles.

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